origami diagrams featured in paper unlimited

In here you will find diagrams of some of the models I rumble about in the blog/ site.

:PDF/ image samples:
These are only for publicity and are already available on the web but you can also find them here for commodity.
These two are available at the amazon.co.jp but since many people don’t adventure that way…
: Unit Origami Polyhedron, FUSE Tomoko » sample pages (pdf)
The book is really great and in this sample you can see the photos of the models as well as a cube diagram with two variants.
Be aware that this book in english edition is named Unit Origami Polyhedron and has nothing to do with the other book by Fuse named Unit Origami.
You can also check it (and buy it!) at amazon.co.jp.

: Flower Globe, FUSE Tomoko » sample pages (pdf)
This one also has great photos and diagrams of the models; in these sample pages we get to know two menko units (sonobe units) to make cubes and other polyhedra. It definitively works you up to buy the real thing. :)
You can check it (and buy it!) at amazon.co.jp.

I know I got these from a web site but from where? Not the one that the pages show, that’s for sure. So since I can’t remember here they are.
FUSE Tomoko box diagram (at modular origami: box i)
: A nice four sided box available in 3 pages: page 1, page 2 and page 3

:Step by step “diagrams”:
Some diagrams folded and, of course, photoshoped into these step by step instructions by me. Hope you like it :)
: Kusudama Lilian: page 1, page 2, page 3 and a unit variation. (at a little gift…, featured in kusudama: lilian and once upon a time there was a kusudama named lilian)

: Modular Rings: page 1 and page 2. (featured in modular origami: rings by Mette Pederson)

:diagrams in pdf format done by yours truly:

Butterfly, a Y. Akira’s butterfly variation by fátima Granadeiro: diagram (pdf) optimized for viewing. (featured in origami: Y. Akira’s butterfly variation by Fátima Granadeiro)

Until I (manually) update this list please, feel free to use the tag diagrams! All posts with diagrams are tagged with it! Happy folding!


23 Responses to “origami diagrams featured in paper unlimited”

  1. Eva Kan Says:

    I was wondering if you could give me a diagram of the modular cherry blossom posted on your website? Of all the origami cherry blossoms yours look the best.

  2. Anisha Says:

    Yes please could you post or e-mail me the instructions to your cherry blossom flower?

  3. micsta Says:

    hey there, i truly love your works!! it’s awesome.
    and wondering if you could get me the diagram of the temarizakura/cherry blossom kusudama.
    it would be great if you can!

    Thank you

  4. Katrina Says:

    Hi Isa, your kusudama creations are amazing! I’ve become a fan of making kusudamas as well, and I love your blog. I know many ask you this but can you please also pass me along the diagram for the cherry blossom ball? That’d be awesome :)

  5. Fernanda Says:

    I love your work, very attractive designs

  6. Shelley Says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you could also send me the diagram for the cherry blossom design. im an artist whos lost their way and need origami back in my life.. i do have a picture of one of my models on myspace (cliche i know) and you might like it, its an electra inside an electra (x4). its about 3ft diameter and so much can be done to manipulate the design.

    myspace.com/killerchild (more cliche, i know.. and you can laugh i dont mind) =D

    but ya. Please and thanx! its much appreciated!

  7. andrea Says:

    I too would love the cherry blossom ball diagram, would you please send it to me?

    Thanks so much!

  8. Vanessa Says:

    Hi! I would love the cherry blossom design if you could email it to me. I’ve been looking all over for a design and yours is definitely the best! Thank you so much!

  9. ichigodream Says:

    hi, your kusudamas are awesome, and the colors are really fitting!
    …I adore your cherry blossom ball and was wondering if you could email the diagram to me…that would be very cool >___<
    thank you!

  10. Jessica Says:

    I have to agree, the cherry blossom ball is beautiful, and I would very much like the diagram if you are sharing.
    Its lovely. You did a great job.

  11. rosie Says:

    your kusudamas are really beautiful and i’d like to learn it myself so i can give my friends something really unique this valentine’s day.

    so can you send me the diagram for the cherry blossom kusudama by fuse tomoko.

    thanks very much.

  12. sahnumma Says:

    could you share the cherry blossom (modular ) instructions that was in the origami tanteidan magazine number 96? i really would like to use that for my cards.
    thank-you for you consideration.

  13. ngv Says:

    There is a video for how to make the cherry blossom kusudama by Tomoko Fuse on youtube, if you search “cherry blossom ball Tomoko Fuse”, it is the first (video) result.

  14. sign2esymbol Says:

    I have to find a way to fold a cantaloupe for class, but still leave it hollow inside, … do you have any resources I can turn to?

  15. sakuralover Says:

    can you please share the cherry blossom modular flower instructions ? thanks !

  16. MissKLC Says:

    Hi, I also am reallly interested in that diagram for the cherry blossoms, I’ve been wanting to decorate my room with cherry blossoms and your origami ones are the best I’ve seen.
    Thank you,
    Kelsey (kelskels@gmail.com)

  17. Carole Says:

    Hi, can you help??? I’m getting desperate.
    I’ve tried to fold the “Covered Bows” from Tomoko Fuse’s book Floral Origami Globes and the folding has gone fine … but I’m having trouble with the Face on the Base. I can’t get the Face triangle on top of the base for the vertical joins (horizontal is fine). I’ve been trying for days and just can’t get it.

  18. Nat Says:

    Hi there,

    I’ve just started creating origami and love it.
    Its challenging but yet rewarding. The creations are beautiful.

    Do you have any instructions on how to create a cherry blossum or lotus flower?

    Your creations are perfect!


  19. Paper Kawaii Says:

    You can find a cherry blossom kasudama diagram on my website, it is the same as the one used here!


    I really want to try this asap, but it looks pretty full on!


  20. Eriko Says:

    I’ve never heard about kusudama until recently! :-( I used to love origami when I was a child. I’d like to buy a couple of books for a nephew who loves making kusudame since at early age… which would you recommend the most? I know there are many out there but seems you’ve read plenty of them, so, can you please recommend some?

    Thanks in advance!!

  21. Marie Says:


    I’ve been looking for the Kawahata “Baby Elephant” for a long time. I noticed you have a picture of a nicely folded one, do you know where I could get the diagrams? The book it is in seems to be out of print.

    Thanks so much!

  22. origami Says:

    I blog quite often and I genuinely appreciate your content. This article has really peaked my interest. I will bookmark your site and keep checking for new information about once a week. I subscribed to your RSS feed as well.

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