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Once upon a morning I was browsing on the internet… I suddenly found a blog so wonderful that I thought I should share it with e*ve*ry*o*ne around me! Please do visit Atelier Puupuu… I was so happy that I almost forgot about publishing my post, the one previous to this one. In the bliss I also forgot to post in the blog; of course I soon overcome that and left my rumblings there. For the distracted ones: more than 200 comments with an url/ link to blog or similar with origami content and Puupuu will share the diagram. But even without that it’s worth seeing. The main site, too!
Are you happy? Are you, are you?
I am… And remember, you are what you think! Happy (origami) thoughts! (:


Some boxes…


I haven’t fold that much lately… But let me show you that I’m still living and folding!

These are boxes by FUSE Tomoko (: Nice, ain’t they…? (that’s a rhetorical question by the way…) Well, there’s one that I’ve made without a diagram, on the second photo, the box on the left. But I think Fuse has a box like that, or prettier… I might have rearranged the folding sequence but that’s a Fuse box, no doubt! (;
edit: due to some strange thing the second photo wasn’t showing… Now it is…