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I made a slight mistake: the rose in the one minute rose & camellia is not 一分バラ but 一分ローズ. The diference? In meaning none; however バラ is the katakana for the kanji 薔薇, the japanese word for rose and ローズ is the adaptation of the english word rose for the japanese language.
I am truly sorry for the mistake! I will try to be extra attentive to the titles!
Actually, to be even more precise the title doesn’t have the kanji for one, it has the number instead so it is 1分ローズ and not 一分ローズ… Since I’m correcting the title I might correct all the way, right?
On another note: I have folded another kusudama :) so stay tuned!

flowers: iremono no bara/ rosy twist case


Another “flower” that has been folded for quite some time. Diagram by 山口真 or やまぐち真 /YAMAGUCHI Makoto. Again this four-sided version makes a pair with a six-sided one and again you will have to wait to see it.

iremono no bara

iremono no bara

The name of this rose is いれもののバラ or in the english title Rosy Twist Case; the case comes from いれもの・入れ物 that means container. The diagram for these flowers is on 折紙探偵団 MAGAZINE 通巻93号 /Origami Tanteidan Magazine number 93.
This one was folded from 15×15 cm (7×7″) purple origami paper. If you have the magazine and/ or the diagram and wish to give it a try do it with thin paper for a better look and folding feel. Happy folding to those who have the time! ;)

an excuse!


Japan day in Portugal is on the 18th of July. There were some activities patronized by the Japanese Embassy: origami workshop, sendo workshop, dressing an yukata, traditional japanese games, videos about Japan and a mini exhibit about the japanese months and some, three, temples. Of course I went! And bye bye my fair kusudama! I used up my available time to fold you this week :(

me almost completely dressed on a yukata…

Here I am while two very nice japanese ladies were stuffing the pink yukata around me! This was after the origami workshop and before the sendo (calligraphy) workshop. A fun day! ;)
On another note: while 99,9% of you won’t know before I say it, my hair has suffered a major cut: from ~25 cm long to ~5 cm long ehehe… (more or less from ~9.8″ to ~2″)

on hold: yuri no bouquet


A «I’m-still-alive-but-oh-so-tired» post. And it’s true… Anyway for the ones that still visit despite the few (if any) news I hope to have something folded soon: Monday or Tuesday! I have to fold something! I’m getting withdrawal symptoms, OK, not yet, but they are coming! I can feel it! So before that happens, I will fold :)


This one is on hold: a ゆりのブーケ or lily bouquet. Diagram by FUSE Tomoko. It’s a thread kusudama meaning that each “final unit” will be threaded to another one and they all get together in the end. Not making any sense? Just see the units in the photo and wait for better days to come my way! Until then please send positive thoughts towards me… They are never too much! See you next week ;)

lookie, lookie :)


A white sakuradama and two little butterflies…

sakuradama & butterflies

All by KAWASAKI Toshikazu. The sakuradama was folded some time ago and so have the butterflies.

sakuradama & butterflies

And another butterfly has joined the party. This one is by the great YOSHIZAWA Akira. Since these butterflies are so cute and easy to do every now and then I make one :)
More to come on the butterflies and on the sakuradama! This is a I’m-alive-kind-of-post… I still have some important exams coming on me so I have to go easy on origami :/

flowers: modular flowers (part i)


Here they are: more cherry blossoms! :) These are by 山口真 or やまぐち真 /YAMAGUCHI Makoto. Actually, this diagram is part of 3 type of modular/ unit flowers: a さくら /cherry blossom with 5 petals, a クレマチス /leather flower with 6 petals and a マーガレット /marguerite with 8 petals.

sakura/ cherry blossom

I have only made the cherry blossom so that’s the only modular flower for now… The diagram for these flowers is on 折紙探偵団 MAGAZINE 通巻96号 /Origami Tanteidan Magazine number 96.
An advice: small flowers need small and thin paper! For example the yellow cherry blossom (quite an odd colour for a cherry blossom, yes… :P) was made with 7×7 cm (2.8×2.8″) copy paper; the smaller ones were made with 5×5 cm (2×2″) in origami paper and with copy paper once more. As for me, the prettier flower is the one with the livelier pink (in origami paper).