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block folding: mini pineapple


Also known as chinese modular origami or 3D origami. Block folding is actually one of the japanese designations. Actually since this is another of the “I’m still alive posts”, I won’t post that much information…

mini (hibrid) pineapple (blocK folding)

This is a minipineapple. Not that you can tell from the colours… These units were meant for a swan – yes, a white and pink swan. I admit, pink is one of my favourite colours! (: Anyway with almost all units folded I then saw the mini pineapple and went for it; even in these colours. This is my 3rd try in block folding and the first successful one. The other are still in unit stage, somewhere.
Due to the strange colouring it’s nicknamed “hibrid pineapple”; it’s an hibrid between a pineapple and a milk and strawberry shake. (: It has 170 total units! Base: 14units; “lines” 1~10: 13units/each; in lines 3, 5 and 7 there are pink units that should be dark orange or brown. The overall units should be yellow and the two top “lines” (2×13 units) should be dark green or a brownish green – that’s “lines” 9 & 10. Anyway, it’s cute! When the proper coloured version is finished I’ll also upload the diagram. I’ll also refer to the proper japanese and chinese names of this type of origami.