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flowers: one minute rose & camellia


Once again these beautiful rose and camellia came from 折り紙夢WORLD, 花と動物編 /Origami Yume World, Hana to Doubutsu hen, aka Origami Dream World, Flowers and Animals Volume by 川崎敏和 /KAWASAKI Toshikazu.

one minute rose, “usual” Kawasaki rose and camellia

The one minute rose/ 一分バラ and the camellia/ 椿 are just adorable. And so very simple do fold! Also take notice that the camellia is a variation of the one minute rose. I have included a simple rose, also by Kawasaki, to better notice the differences between the roses.

ippun bara/ one minute rose

Above the text the one minute rose/ 一分バラ and under it the camellia/ 椿.

tsubaki/ camellia

All the flowers were made with squares of golden kraft paper of 18 cm/ 7.1 inches. The camellia has another square of 5 cm/ 2″. By the way the one minute rose/ 一分バラ isn’t exactly done in one minute but it can be done in 2 to 3 minutes after good understanding of the diagram. And that’s it for now…

another origami gift :)


A friend game me some thread so I gave him a bloom kusudama, 4 petals version, with a tassel made from those same threads. The kusudama was made with a kind of sketch paper with some glitter for making origami. Ok, I use that kind of paper (with no glitter, of course) for sketches and technical architectural drawings and right now I really don’t remember the english name… In here it is often referred as architect or engineer’s paper.
I really like this kusudama and so does the new owner :) And yes, the tassel is long! ehehe

bloom 4 petals with tassel

Here they are, another two tassels! I have made 10 or 11 since they are so easy to do and fun to play with… I’m like a little kid when it comes to these things… *blush*

another two tassels…

flowers: sakura net (sakura/ cherry blossom ii variation)


The title says it all: a variation from the sakura/ cherry blossom model. In this one you replace one or more or the petals with a double petal and start linking flowers :) and I must state that it is quite addictive… First I folded some petals and then a few double petals; when I started assembling I just had to fold some more! As you keep adding flowers it gets more and more beautiful!

sakura/ cherry blossons net

Once more the diagrams are by 川崎敏和 /KAWASAKI Toshikazu and may be found in 折り紙夢WORLD, 花と動物編 /Origami Yume World, Hana to Doubutsu hen, aka Origami Dream World, Flowers and Animals Volume.
The simple petals are from 4×4 cm (1.6×1.6″) paper and the double petals from 4×8 cm (1.6×3.2″) paper. Once more simple pastel coloured copy paper. Ah… So cute…
By the way if you look closely there is a little mistake in the assemblage; there is a little trick to assemble the net without making the flowers “twist” by being above one another and of course I only noticed that after all the flowers were joined together. Next time I must be more attentive. I am also sorry for the photo, it’s quite bad…

flowers: sakura/ cherry blossom ii


Another aka cherry blossom :) These are definitively some of my favourite flowers! So I devote quite some to the finding and pleasant paper folding of them. These were diagramed by 川崎敏和 /KAWASAKI Toshikazu in his book 折り紙夢WORLD, 花と動物編 /Origami Yume World, Hana to Doubutsu hen, aka Origami Dream World, Flowers and Animals Volume. Of course you will find much more nice diagrams: I’m eager to try a simple rose, a camellia and some lovely animals such as a butterfly and a sparrow and basically all the other models in the book…

sakura/ cherry blossons iii

These beauties are very easy to make. They have little use other than contemplation but I definitively won’t complain! :) The white one was made from 4×4 cm and the bigger, red, one from 7 cm square paper (approximately 1.6 and 2.8 inches). For me as usual the tiniest the cuter they are! :D Another note: the author of these flowers also made the somehow famous sakuradama (not in this book, though) so these are a good start for the sakuradama since the joining method is the same and there are similar folding steps.

I’m soooo sorry!


I am truly sorry for the lack of new contents in the blog in the last days, or better 2 months or so. I have been, and still am and will be for a while, in the busiest part of my school year: it’s been work, work, work and almost no fun at all :/ The worst part of it? Now come exams and I reaaaaally have to pass them so until September I will post on a random basis with a few origami that I made in order not to go insane!
However I also have good news. A friend asked me to do 3 kusudamas! One for her and two for her to offer :) I am happy and I believe than until it is finished TV time will be, even more, drastically cut of. My thank you very much to those who lead the investigation and made possible the wonder called radio! :)