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kusudama: bloom version 4 petals


When I finished the japanese traditional I also glued these two. After all they have been folded for quite some time… Once again the kusudama is the place to look for the diagrams! These are type B and type C. I will try other arrangements but right now I have other things I really want to fold! Like another kusudama and some cute animals :)

bloom origami kusudama

bloom origami kusudama

These are small kusudamas: they were made with 7.5 square paper and after glued form a flower cube with sides of 6.5 cm. The centers of the flowers are a little outside the “cube” giving it a rounded form. Each kusudama is made of 4 flowers with 4 petals each in a total of 24 petals. Overall, it’s a pretty kusudama with lots of variations!


kusudama: japanese traditional


I finally had some time to finish this kusudama. I found some thread and now I’m just looking for a place to hang it :)

japanese traditional origami kusudama

It was made with colored copy paper, with squares of 7,4×7,4 cm; the kusudama has a diameter of almost 11 cm. From 60 petals you form 12 flowers with 5 petals each. If you want to fold one go the the kusudama. This is diagrammed there. I’ve just noticed that the thread doesn’t show on the photo, but believe me: it’s there!

little update


Someone might have noticed that the links section on the top right corner of the site are slightly different. And that’s the little update :)

I updated the outside of the blog links and added a diagram section. Nothing big and it’s already available on the net if you look well but since it will came handy in the future I’ve done it now.

I have just noticed: 1107 hits! And not counting mine :D

Thank you very much dear visitors! Soon (my definition of soon might range from in a few hours to in a month or so) I expect to give you some eye candy! Or shall I say joy for the fingers? ;)

modular origami: box i


Going to the no-internet (again) but before another post! :) After the sonobe posts and an elefant break, I return to boxes. A simple box, again by Fuse :) I have done this in two variations the red and blue one (with golden pattern) was done with wrapping paper, the one in green tones was with my newest supply of origami paper and a bit of my first supply.

origami box, by Fuse

origami box, by Fuse

two origami boxes, by Fuse

the bigger origami box, by Fuse, with two lotus flowers inside :)

The blue, red and golden was done with 15×10.7 cm paper and ends up with 8.2×8.2×3.5 cm and the greenish was done with 7.5×5.3 cm the box is 4.1×4.1×1.7 cm. I found the diagram in the web, somewhere, but since I can’t remember where you can get here the page 1, page 2 and the page 3.
For now things are somewhat calm so I am able to sleep decently and hopefully I will get some free time for folding. I’ve got so many things to fold… Perhaps a kusudama or two, that would be so nice…

animals: elephant


On a break from modular origami here’s an elephant. Folded from marbled paper of 80g/m2 in a grayish/ greenish tone and 21×21 cm. The final model is 5.5x7cm; 10×7 if you count the tail and the trunk. It’s 10 cm wide, much of it thanks to the ears :)
The diagram came from Origami Tanteidan Convention volume 5, page 60. The name is ゾウ/ elephant and is by 川畑文昭/ Kawahata Fumiaki.

KAWAHATA’s origami elephant

KAWAHATA’s origami elephant

This one is made in 52 steps. As for me they were 52 easy to understand steps :) and the final result is very realist; everyone can actually see that’s an elephant! And that’s always good.

origami paper :)


Here’s my newest supply of origami paper. Made in Germany, 250 sheets in 40 colours. 15 cm square paper.

origami paper, single face coloured

It’s a bit expensive and it’s single coloured but it’s still better than nothing… I really wanted real washi, or just chiyogami but that seems quite the deed. At least at a reasonable price. Anyone know a good (and cheap, preferably) european based web-store with chiyogami and washi? Feel free to leave a comment if so! Actually the ideal would be buying from Japan, so if you (also) know where to buy directly from Japan (shipping to Europe, of course) please please say something. I’ll be much obliged! ;)

modular origami: sonobe variation 3


I took the name from Mukhopadhyay’s page. The diagram for this sonobe unit is at M. Mukhopadhyay sonobe variarion #3 page. You can also check her main sonobe page for more sonobe variations.

sonobe units polyhedra

The photo contains a cube, from 6 units of 11×11 cm, two red jewels, from 3 units each of 6×6 cm, a golden jewel, from 10×10 cm and a sonobe variation unit, of 10×10 cm paper, without the assemblage creases. Here’s another view:

sonobe units polyhedra

The blue and gold paper, from the cube, as well as the red and gold, from the two smaller jewels, are from regular wrapping paper. The golden jewel is also from wrapping paper: a gold patterned in “lighter gold” sold in ikea. Really pretty and a bit more resistant than the average wrapping paper :)

modular origami: sonobe variation/ menko unit


These are made with sonobe units. Not sonobe units like the ones by SONOBE Mitsunobu though; these are by Fuse.

unit cube and composite

The diagram came from an preview: 花まり、布施知子 / Flower Globe, FUSE Tomoko. Each unit is made with 6×12 cm paper and assembling is very fun, as any sonobe! In the book these units are called めんこユニット/ menko unit; these units are introduced as basics to kusudama. Even if you don’t want to make a kusudama you can still enjoy these units by making geometric shapes/ polyhedra.
These were folded from double faced kraft paper: blue on one side and silver on the other and red on one side and gold on the opposite.

Note: this was, more or less, the post that vanished. Or the one I erased and don’t know exactly how…

modular origami: unit spiral shell ii


Finaly a new post. However this one has been folded for a while. But I just wanted to throw some fresh air in the blog. Again, another diagram from the Fuse’s book らせんを折ろう.
This spiral shell is made from 4 units and it’s name is actually ユニット巻貝2/ unit spiral shell 2. I haven’t made the first spiral shell that’s why this one make its appearance first.

origami unit shell

Once again this was made with copy paper so the result has plenty of room for improvement. Anyway, it’s a pretty shell, don’t let the photo fool you ;)
If all goes well I will fold this with thin paper soon. And the first version too. This shell has nothing to do with the spiral shellfish. They are actually quite different in folding and in presentation.

modular origami: spiral shellfish


I must say I really like Fuse’s diagrams (as if you hadn’t noticed that already…) and this shell is just so easy to fold and results in a very cute “shape”. I mean it’s spiraled, it’s 3D and has that cuteness and beauty of the real shells.

2 origami spiral shellfish

You can find this diagram, once again, in らせんを折ろう/ let’s fold spirals. The white and gold one was the first and was made with 10×10 cm wrapping paper, it results in a 3x3x7 cm shell, approximately. The white was made with a japanese white paper, very thin (I believe it’s between 40 and 60 grams per square meter; so thin that it is slightly transparent) in 16.5 cm squares. This shell is 5.5×5.5×12 cm. Both were made with four units each. Cute is the word of the day! Or perhaps I should say かわいい? :)
Oh the name of this shell is 風化した貝 which I don’t know how to exactly translate so spiral shellfish it is… A note: I think it translates into weathered shellfish but I don’t know if that name is widely known or not so bear with the lame translation.