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kusudama: new floral kusudama (ii)


Happy new year! I sincerely hope everyone has had a merry Christmas and entered the new year joyfully!
After a long delay of posts I welcome new year with a remake! I’ll try post the other new stuff as soon as possible. Have in mind that I am entering exams time (that lovely time of the year…) and therefore will be busy with studying, going to the last classes of the semester and praying for the teachers to have mercy on us, poor students who once upon a time had severely injured our heads and decided to be architects… I’ll be also meditating to calm myself down so you get the idea, right? The good news: after exams, in February, I’ll have two free weeks :D well not entirelly free but since I don’t have classes I can do origami :D I have 10 things I want to fold. Most are kusudamas but there are also animals. I’m going to try and do a pig and a rat as tributes for the old and new year. We are leaving the year of the pig/ boar and entering the year of the rat according to the chinese calendar; the japanese are already there and the koreans, well I don’t know about the koreans… Feel free to enlighten me, but not in korean please! Do korean people “use” the chinese calendar? I only know that instead of the year of the rabbit/ hare they have the year of the cat…

Another remake of a previously showed kusudama. This time I used 7.5×7.5cm/ 3″ double faced chiyogami. Very cute paper. I just love japanese paper, really, it’s just gorgeous… Once again the picture does no justice to the paper.

new floral kusudama, version 2

There isn’t much to say about this kusudama that I haven’t mentioned previously except that I recently knew there’s a variation of it. Hunting season has opened again: I’m gonna hunt that diagram down! :D
Hopefully that two weeks in February will stretch. A lot!