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News soon! :)

Just a little hello, and how do you do! :)
I am now without a digital camera and, even though I’ve been folding, I have no way to photograph the little beauties. I am now venturing in the wide world of DSLR as I plan to buy something more than a point and shoot camera. Or I’ll just succumb to the practicality of one and the eye catching low price… I’ve also discovered that most of my friends have their cameras malfunctioning or simply dead. Or use analogical cameras… There are plenty of those too. Oh, wait, I’m (now) one of those too… ;)
However I’ll have a digital camera for half a day, so I’ll be able to post some origami. As a side note, if you want someone to lent you their camera be sure not to tell you have broken yours in a totally clumsy way. That doesn’t help people to trust you with their camera…

So, enjoy this bookmark of a girl in a kimono and send positive vibes for my chances to get a digital camera! Specially a DSLR one! :)
Also, thank you for your visit to my humble blog!