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bye bye origami orkut group…


The origami community in Orkut has been shut down. I don’t have the details since I was on vacation I just know it had to be closed down.

This post is to give a big thank to all the members of the community, I’ve learn a bit in this short time. I hope to “see” you around somewhere in this wide network!

I’m also reminding kusudama interested people that the Kusudama Origami in my space and flickr is still, and hopefully for long!, alive.


modular origami: rings by Mette Pederson


I’ve wanted to make some rings, modular rings. I though that it should be fun and the result pretty. No surprise after I’ve made them: fun and easy to do and pretty and cute to look at.

modular ring, 18 units

modular ring, 10 units

After seeing these a friend of mine asked me if I could teach her origami because it’s cute. I have to make a selection of simple models for that matter. And find some time, of course.
These were made with the simple and easy to find coloured copy paper; both rings were made with small paper. I can’t remember if it was with 5×5 cm or 7×7 cm but it was one of these. The rings are small; the 18 units is a little bigger than the 10 units one but even though they are small. For bigger rings, bigger paper! You can actually find lots of pretty papers out there that are just crying to be transformed in something. Why not a couple of rings?

I find these rings very amusing due to their simplicity. You actually have no excuse to don’t have fun with them, behold my clumsy step by step instructions: modular rings page 1 and page 2. Let’s all enjoy modular origami :)



Some people know that I went on a 2 week long vacation to my parents house. Without internet. Strangely enough I didn’t miss internet that much; ok, at 21, 22 o’clock I generally wished I had 20 to 30 minutes to chat with my friends, see e-mails and stuff. But nothing other than that. It actually surprised me.

I also noticed that Spring has arrived, in spite of the cold weather:

peach blossom

pear blossom


The first photo is a peach blossom, the second a pear blossom and the third marigold. All from my parent’s garden. I also noticed that all of my flowers, they’re three, are alive and well. They shall bloom in June or early July :)

Back to my place, it seems that I will be seeing a lily flower soon. Isn’t Spring beautiful?

Origami? I’m sure you all can wait one more day for an origami update ;)