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A new diagram!


Mio Tsugawa, the kind webmistress of The Kusudama, has opened a new game. If we win she will show one or more diagrams of her creations :) for free, of course! Her creations are very pretty and lovely and these don’t need any kind of joint material so I’m sure origami purists out there will be delighted :)

If one, or more, of the four kusudamas get more than 150 votes she will show them in her site after a little while! :) Let’s unit and bring one or more of her kusudamas to life!

There are rules for this game:
> you must be a new face in orkut (20 or less friends)
> you must be a member of Kusudama & Origami, in Orkut; her other communities such as Kusudama Origami, in my space, or Kusudama Origami, in Flickr don’t have the poll.
> If you meet these requirements you can vote!

More info here, on her site. Or if you already meet these requirements go the orkut poll and vote. ^^

If you like origami give this game a try! Talk with your friends, get them to vote! In less than five minutes you can become a member of these communities and vote!

Here are the images of the kusudamas on vote:

denshou shinka by Mio Tsugawa

Koume by Mio Tsugawa

Sweet Ball by Mio Tsugawa

Variety Unit by Mio Tsugawa

Pretty, ain’t they? ;)

There is a deadline for the poll (April 10), so let’s make our best acquire more votes until then!


a little gift…


My newest addition to the blog: step by step instructions to some origami.

The first, in a late commemoration of three thousand hits is Kusudama Lilian, by Fuse.
Kusudama Lilian: page 1, page 2, page 3 and a unit variation.

You may access the diagrams by clicking at the category ‘diagrams’ or at the link origami diagrams featured in paper unlimited.

time does fly by…


In January I created this blog and now, after 3 months, more than 3000 visits; I wasn’t expecting this at all. So here I am all happiness because of you deer guest who visit my humble blog. :)

I plan to have some new stuff in the blog very soon! Please, do continue to visit and comment!

On another note, here they are! More roses, the only thing I have folded this week.

Kawasaki Roses

The roses aren’t in sepia tone, only the picture. I plan to have all images in rumblings in sepia tone. Meaning? I like the antique look and I’ve just discovered the sepia filter in my acmera! ahaha ;)

origami: Kawasaki Rose


For many it’s a famous rose. It’s pretty, easy to fold and anyone should know how to do one. Be it for your sweetheart, for you or just for show it is a lovable rose.

Origami Roses (Kawasaki Rose)

You can find step by step instructions in Oribara Web, in the Rose for Peace project. The Rose for Peace is because this is a Professional High School Project in Fukuyama, a city in the Hiroshima district. Getting the hint? You can get more info about the city in the Fukuyama City site (english). As for the Rose, the page is in japanese but you really have step by step photos and in some “tricky” steps there is a video. All you need to know: yellow line is for valley folds, green line is for mountain folds, blue line identifies the previous creases. Easy? It gets easier; 2 nice buttons take you for the next or the previous step. You have no excuse for not doing a rose!
My advice: the first rose should be done with 15×15 or 20×20 paper. After that you can change sizes and go to 10×10. The smaller I’ve done is 7.5×7.5 and it’s a bit too small. It gets somewhat harder to fold. A 15×15 paper gives you a rose of 4.5×4.5×3.5 (width x length x height).

Edit: all measures in centimetres…

kusudama: traditional i


This is a traditional kusudama. I don’t know the name and the book didn’t mentioned it. It’s a pretty kusudama that requires 30 units. Easy to fold, hell to assemble. You may need to resort to paste materials on the outside to help it to gain shape; after assembly no gluing is required, the model is very stable.

Traditional Kusudama

You may find the diagram in the book “Practical Origami” by Rick Beech. Hard to assemble, yes, but so pretty! :)

kusudama: lilian


As mentioned before this beautiful kusudama has Fuse has it’s author. It’s made from six 15 cm square paper and eight 7.5 cm square paper. Very easy to fold and easy to assemble; the model requires some glue/ double scotch tape to hold firmly when assembled.

Lilian Kusudama

I translated the tassel diagram however I choose to do this variation with beads. I think it’s cute and pretty, overall. It’s also a good change from the tassels. Another reason: the thread for the tassel is orange and I wanted something with pink and red.
It’s available in kits; next is a image of the kit.

Lilian Kusudama kit

Price of the kit is around 4 to 5€, but it can be more expensive, depends on who and where you buy it…
The kusudama has a diameter of almost 11 cm. Another change I made: I used double sided red paper instead of the chiyogami paper that came with the kit for the smaller units. The chiyogami paper however is already in use in another kusudama, ehehe :) Have I mentioned that I really like the final result of this kusudama?

kusudama: bloom version 4 petals II


And before I forget: yes, another bloom of 4 petals. I wanted to make a kusudama with a darker look and it turns out nice.

bloom origami kusudama

Once again 24 units, diameter of 6.5~7 cm. This was made with regular wrapping paper of a dark red colour with specks of silver and black here and there.

once upon a time there was a kusudama named lilian…


A pretty kusudama by Fuse. Only last Tuesday I remembered that I had this kit (included paper, the diagram and thread for the tassel). And so on Thursday I happily folded this pretty gem. :)

Lilian Kusudama

As soon as I make the tassel, I’ll post a better picture. I will have to decipher the translations because the drawings are not self explanatory :/ So sometime next week expect the glued version with tassel. Yes, this one doesn’t hold well without glue :(

kusudama: sham


Freshly folded! Here are two kusudamas that I was planing to do ever since I saw the diagram. Once again go check Mio’s site, The Kusudama, and thank her for sharing with us! These are kusudamas to be made with rectangular paper.

red kusudama

blue kusudama

blue kusudama

2 kusudamas

The red one was made with red origami paper (3 tonalities) and chiyogami paper with sakura (cherry blossom). Paper size: 5.5×7.5; kusudama’s diameter: 10 cm.
The blue one was made with marbled blue paper of 5×10 (if not mistaken, I can’t remember that well the paper size for this one). The diameter of this one is 18 cm.
Aren’t they pretty? The red is my new favourite kusudama :)

aprés l’effort, le réconfort


Yesterday I had an oral exam, the last exam of the semester. Until yesterday things were a little chaotic but since I’ve done the exam and the professor told me I’ve passed I’ll be able to fold more origami… :)
Kusudamas are on the way here! :)