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origami: package


This box is from a Fuse diagram. Not modular but quite cute (the top) and useful; depending on the material you use it might be taller, shorter and quite resistant! If instead of paper you use thick paper (like canson) you get a great variety of colours; there are also some thick papers with a variety of textures and colours/ patterns for you to experiment. Be creative :)


This package might also be done with 6 sides; if you experiment it can be done with 5, 7, 8 or even 3 sides! my favourites are the 3, 4, 5 and 6 sided packages :) But since they are not with me no photos for now. This is the “normal” version of the box I gave my mother in mother’s day.
Once again the diagram can be found in Home decorating with Origami by Tomoko FUSE, Japan Publications Trading Company edition.

And sorry for the long no posts time: I have been managing my time in a really bad way in the past weeks…


Mother’s day, origami and a bit of improvisation…


As one would expect I forgot about Mother’s day. I knew it was coming but on the day before and the day itself I totally forgot. So when my mother visited me on Sunday I was completely clueless. And I stayed that way even after she mentioned Mother’s day and stuff. When it hit me I panicked a bit and turned to origami to find a somehow decent present for my mum. I remembered that a friend had sold a rose and an origami box to a friend of his for a present so I stuck with that, after all I have lots of roses folded just waiting for me to give them a use…
Then it came the hard part: find a box bigger than the rose; with my “let’s do small origami cause it’s so fun” I couldn’t find a box. Panic moment number 2 for an instant and then I decided to do my own box. I remembered a box (not modular) by Fuse and started with it right away. After the box was done I sewed, just a little, some parts so that it wouldn’t came apart and though on a way to give it a little bit of colour…


After 5 minutes I had the box ready with a little card on it, too. And I really do think it is cute… My mum liked the box a lot, and the rose too :)
I might add that my mother’s name is Rosa (rose in portuguese) so she really liked the paper rose. I just pity that I didn’t had a beautiful pink rose done, rosa in portuguese also means pink… But all ended well and that’s good!

the box, with some colour and the card :)

the box, with some colour and the card :)

The white thing you see in the lace is glue; it becomes transparent when dry but I made the box, took a couple of pictures and then gave it to my mother. It was all kind of in a flash…

boxes: cake box by Fuse


These lovely boxes are not modular. The name is cake box however considering the resulting size of the box they are better for home made biscuits or home made candies and little chocolates. If you need to make a bigger one I advise making in canson or very strong paper; I have made one box (the dome like one without the flower) for a cake with 22 cm of diameter with the kraft paper, it was cute but not as strong as expected. However the cake was good and everyone though that the box was really cute and simple.

dome-like cake box, without flower

dome-like cake box with flower

masu cake box with flower

Each box is made by 3 or 4 pieces of square paper; 3 pieces without the flower, 4 pieces with the flower. The simplest box is made by a body, a bottom to cover the body interior and a lid. The other are similar, the only difference is a flower in the lid.
The red boxes were made with regular copy paper: 14×14 cm paper gives you a 7.5×7.5×3.5 cm box. The flowers in both the red and green box were made with 7×7 cm paper. The green box is 5x5x3 and was also made with 14×14 copy paper.
I’m planning on putting a step by step instruction to at least one of the boxes in the next week :) Stay tuned!
You can find these and many more diagrams, including some modular, in Home decorating with Origami by Tomoko FUSE, Japan Publications Trading Company edition.

alive and well…


Or how well it is possible to be when you are very busy and not making as much origami as you would like… :/

) diagram by Fuse

This is a little box that I’ve made. Expect more info and decent photos soon. Oh, in case you are wondering: diagram by Fuse :)