a little gift…

My newest addition to the blog: step by step instructions to some origami.

The first, in a late commemoration of three thousand hits is Kusudama Lilian, by Fuse.
Kusudama Lilian: page 1, page 2, page 3 and a unit variation.

You may access the diagrams by clicking at the category ‘diagrams’ or at the link origami diagrams featured in paper unlimited.


2 Responses to “a little gift…”

  1. Van Says:

    Hi, I have a question. Can we make a buckyball or a model complete (like a kusudama) with unit variation ?

  2. Isa Says:

    Only with unit variation? It can be done using glue to hold the flaps together; you might be able to do any figure with triangular faces: octahedron (8 triangular faces) and an icosahedron (20 triagular faces). At least it’s what comes to my mind just now.
    Perhaps it is also possible to do a semi-regular polihedra… I think it is a matter of try and correct untill you have a somehow stable model :)

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