A new diagram!

Mio Tsugawa, the kind webmistress of The Kusudama, has opened a new game. If we win she will show one or more diagrams of her creations :) for free, of course! Her creations are very pretty and lovely and these don’t need any kind of joint material so I’m sure origami purists out there will be delighted :)

If one, or more, of the four kusudamas get more than 150 votes she will show them in her site after a little while! :) Let’s unit and bring one or more of her kusudamas to life!

There are rules for this game:
> you must be a new face in orkut (20 or less friends)
> you must be a member of Kusudama & Origami, in Orkut; her other communities such as Kusudama Origami, in my space, or Kusudama Origami, in Flickr don’t have the poll.
> If you meet these requirements you can vote!

More info here, on her site. Or if you already meet these requirements go the orkut poll and vote. ^^

If you like origami give this game a try! Talk with your friends, get them to vote! In less than five minutes you can become a member of these communities and vote!

Here are the images of the kusudamas on vote:

denshou shinka by Mio Tsugawa

Koume by Mio Tsugawa

Sweet Ball by Mio Tsugawa

Variety Unit by Mio Tsugawa

Pretty, ain’t they? ;)

There is a deadline for the poll (April 10), so let’s make our best acquire more votes until then!


3 Responses to “A new diagram!”

  1. Ritea Says:

    wow… i didn’t know that you have such a fantabulous blog!!! okay, obviously you have some kind of design background. Well done!

    the game dead is tomorrow. sob sob.

  2. Isa Says:

    Thank you for your nice words! However the only thing I’ve made is the top banner and, of course, the origami :)

    It seems we lost the game, I saw it 4 hours before the end time and we didn’t have enough votes :/

  3. Alex Says:

    Thank You

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