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Happy birthday!

Eight years ago I created this blog/ site to share my passion about origami. In these eight years many things have changed, yet my passion with origami is still ablaze… The excitement of folding paper until it becomes something else, be it dazzlingly simple, of sculptural beauty or just lovely as the joy it brings. I had the opportunity of sharing this joy with others and, that too, is another motive for celebration!
Eight years ago I talked about how I’ve come upon origami eight years before. Where will we be eight years from now? I don’t know and, in all honesty that’s fine, I’ll just enjoy the now with calm breaths while folding.

Eight years ago I left a preview of a widely known and appreciated modular creation of Mr. Toshikazu Kawasaki and now I leave you with, perhaps a less known, creation of his, the president’s cherry ball or 大統領の桜玉, in japanese.
Happy birthday paper unlimited! May I share many more folds with you! (more frequently too!) :)
Thank you for visiting, come again!

Toshikazu Kawasaki's new sakuradama: president’s cherry ball or 大統領の桜玉
Note: yes, I have a new camera! Not an DSLR but it’s awesome and I’m putting it to good use. As you can see in the photo of this gigantic sakuradama! Seriously, I folded it big…
And yes, logo update on the way!

News soon! :)

Just a little hello, and how do you do! :)
I am now without a digital camera and, even though I’ve been folding, I have no way to photograph the little beauties. I am now venturing in the wide world of DSLR as I plan to buy something more than a point and shoot camera. Or I’ll just succumb to the practicality of one and the eye catching low price… I’ve also discovered that most of my friends have their cameras malfunctioning or simply dead. Or use analogical cameras… There are plenty of those too. Oh, wait, I’m (now) one of those too… ;)
However I’ll have a digital camera for half a day, so I’ll be able to post some origami. As a side note, if you want someone to lent you their camera be sure not to tell you have broken yours in a totally clumsy way. That doesn’t help people to trust you with their camera…

So, enjoy this bookmark of a girl in a kimono and send positive vibes for my chances to get a digital camera! Specially a DSLR one! :)
Also, thank you for your visit to my humble blog!

cherry blossoms!


Since it’s almost cherry blossom viewing time, enjoy!

As I stated in my last post, I’ll try to post this diagram soon, too.
Even though I’m more of an origami person, sometimes I also enjoy kirigami. These blossoms are very easy to do and turn out so pretty and delicate!

simple sakura kirigami

edit › You can view the diagram in Waribashi 39! A free online portuguese magazine about japanese culture. No knowledge of portuguese required for this kirigami tutorial! ;)

Happy (Chinese) New Year!


So another year passed by, me still alive and, as usual, overworked!

 happy year of the snake

I have so many new things to show in the blog and no time! :/
Anyway, happy new year!

little flowery snake

I will really try to post this snake diagram anytime soon! It’s derived from a Yoshizawa Akira snake, I just changed the paper format and a few things here and there :)
Hoping all of you are having a fantastic New Year!

edit › check out Waribashi 43 for the diagram! It’s in portuguese but the diagram is easily understood! :)

Flowers for peace and relief


A flower to liven up all those who need it!

shunka temari, origami kusudama

In these harsh times in which people, like us!, suffer in Egypt, Libya and, for very different reasons, Japan, I offer this flower for some peace and relieve. (And, unfortunately, in many more places with famine, diseases or simply no freedom of will and/ or speech!)

Made to welcome this Spring, may this flower bloom in you the need for tough.
So that when one presses a swich for electricity it may come in a way that no people suffer if a tsunami or earthquake happens. After all, “clean energy” should be clean.
So that everyone may live in peace and with all the dignity one deserves.
We all inhabit the same house, it’s called Earth. Let’s care for each other and for our home!

shunka temari, origami kusudama

Origami: Spring Flower Ball or, if you prefer a japanese name, 春花手毬 or 春花てまり. Made by yours truly, it will be presented soon. With a diagram.

new logo!


After two years of personal discontentment with the site’s logo, I finally put my hands to it…!
The previous colours were cinnamon & vanilla; now I’m more on strawberry & chocolate — whipped cream too, if I name the white! The (drawn) elements are still the same — because I really like them — but they were redrawn and reshaped a bit. The layout is a bit cleaner too.
I now have mixed feelings about the paper sheet colours/ gradient so an alternative version might appear soon. Or somewhat (not so) soon…

Now I can focus on other stuff. Origami related but not only. Also there is a high probability that the next news/ post are about cherry blossoms (;

アケオメ! (;


A Happy New Year for everyone! I also hope you had a fantabulastic Christmas!
If you don’t really connect with all this I just wish you’ve had some great days of vacation… or work! (;

One of my resolutions is to keep the blog up and alive with more beautiful folds. One a month! If more, the merrier! (:

Happy folds,

block folding: mini pineapple


Also known as chinese modular origami or 3D origami. Block folding is actually one of the japanese designations. Actually since this is another of the “I’m still alive posts”, I won’t post that much information…

mini (hibrid) pineapple (blocK folding)

This is a minipineapple. Not that you can tell from the colours… These units were meant for a swan – yes, a white and pink swan. I admit, pink is one of my favourite colours! (: Anyway with almost all units folded I then saw the mini pineapple and went for it; even in these colours. This is my 3rd try in block folding and the first successful one. The other are still in unit stage, somewhere.
Due to the strange colouring it’s nicknamed “hibrid pineapple”; it’s an hibrid between a pineapple and a milk and strawberry shake. (: It has 170 total units! Base: 14units; “lines” 1~10: 13units/each; in lines 3, 5 and 7 there are pink units that should be dark orange or brown. The overall units should be yellow and the two top “lines” (2×13 units) should be dark green or a brownish green – that’s “lines” 9 & 10. Anyway, it’s cute! When the proper coloured version is finished I’ll also upload the diagram. I’ll also refer to the proper japanese and chinese names of this type of origami.

lotus flowers (:


Howdy (;
So, against all odds I’m alive! Not that anyone would tell by looking at the blog. Sorry… I’m also quite well (; since I recently returned from a trip to Madrid and Barcelona. That felt gooood (: but since all good things come to an end (don’t worry, bad things also come to an end!) I’ve had to return and when freshly arrived I was told that my class, me included obviously, had a work to be due two days from then. That was yesterday. It went kind of well so now I have even more work to do and I’m happy, hyper and want to get things done quickly so I can have more folding time. Final years sure are tough for some… A friend of mine in a different class just goes to the beach, gets a nice tan, parties and so on and me? I’m surrounded of work by all sides, at all times. Yes, I just kicked the mountain of stuff to do when I went to Madrid and Barcelona. Once in a while it feels great to do so ((:
Onto origami: before I went a friend asked me to do some giant lotus flowers. And I did some 50 to 60 of them. The smaller had a diameter of 12cm/ 4.7in the medium 22cm/ 8.7in and the bigger ones (from two glued sheets of kraft paper) were almost 35cm/ 13.8in. That’s giant for me… I’m also folding some sakuradama and sonobe for, hmn…, 3 months or so… You’ll see it some time.

medium sized lotus

lotus in all 3 sizes

lotus in all 3 sizes, another view

"my" lotus at one of the shop windows

Here are some images of that… The lotus, medium and all of them, as well as one of the shop’s windows with them. If you look closely you’ll notice all the mistakes… Many people tell me I fold quite nicely and all that so look at my human side (;
Hopefully, I’ll see you soon!

A hint of what’s coming here (:


As I finally ended my first exam period in university, got a job for some money and will start my second exam period before a new school year arises (and had a two weeks vacation too ^^) here I am showing some kusudamas! I have to say that since I passed the most important subject of the year I’m on my last year… I’m really a soon to be architect… (: I am really happy, I’m super boosted for my incoming exams! And I need that boost because it’s so boring to study for exams… So just for you that keep visiting the blog/ site a preview of these babies:

Hope you like it. These are two versions; there are more folded, more in line for folding and two diagrams in a almost done and reviewing status for your viewing and folding pleasure. Yes, they were requested and popular. Keep “suffering” since the evil me will say no more. I’ve just noticed that I’m quite formal while writting… On that note: see you soon! (;
/Yes, the images are different since my laptop is chatting and giving a hard time to the technical support, they’ve asked permission for a format… Good thing I’ve backed up every little file before. So I’m on my old laptop whose monitor arose from the dead in linux: ubuntu. I’m using Gimp so the colours are bound to be different…. Just for the curious and really attentive ones out there. /