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An apology…


My sincere apologies to Fátima Granadeiro: the butterfly she has done is not a variation of YOSHIZAWA Akira’s butterfly! It simply turned out to be a butterfly similar to the one by Y. Akira… She has just made me notice this; actually she has mentioned this in the “Amigos do Origami” (origami friends) meeting but I totally forgot about it. I have just edited the title in the pdf file to reflect that. If you got the first one please replace it by this butterfly diagram! I have replaced all the links in the blog, too…


origami: Y. Akira’s butterfly variation by Fátima Granadeiro


Fátima Granadeiro is a portuguese origamist; she was of the first in Portugal and has done much to this art through the years here! Actually she was recently awarded by the japanese ambassador in Portugal :)

Fátima Granadeiro butterfly (variation of YOSHIWA Akira’s butterfly)

She has done, among other models, a variation of (吉澤章) YOSHIZAWA Akira’s butterfly. In the last meeting of “Amigos do Origami” (translated as origami friends) she has explained how to do it. After 2 days, however, I had some trouble recollecting how it was done… I had to make two butterflies to make a “decent” one. So, I decided to make a diagram and since I’ve done i might as well share it…
Here it is the nice butterfly. Hope you enjoy :) This butterfly is folded better with double faced paper: be it two different colours, two different patterns or such… With the same coulour on both sides the butterfly won’t shine that much. This wasn’t supposed to be in the origami goodies but since I’ve gone to the trouble, not that much actually, of making it… The format is for viewing only! Unless you have a plotter, that is… And since I’m repeating myself I’ll just shut up… ;)

Oh, somewhat important note: at step 17 if don’t crease well the butterfly will be with a more rounded and 3D shape. Since I barely used text in the diagram, any doubts refer to Yoshizawa’s butterfly: they are very alike! Any more doubts? Ask me!

PS: As soon as I get my pc running without errors and with some decent programs I’ll “upgrade” this pdf file… If you saw the original file, it is so much more prettier than this one :(

PS2: contrary to what I’ve posted before I have now decided to post the origami goodies/ diagrams not at once. Since I am quite busy, and slow too, I believe this is for the best. Now, go try to fold these diagrams! After that say something :) I will love to see your origami! :D

edit: this butterfly isn’t, after all, a butterfly variation of Y. Akira; it wasn’t created with that purpose in mind, it just turned out like that… Refer to the apology post for more details…

kusudamas, and more, on the way here! :)


I had been super busy with school work and well, life in general… However I got the time to “test” two new kududamas :) They are both by 布施知子 /FUSE Tomoko and they are so beautiful! Well, enough of me… Check the kusudamas!

12 & 30 double units kusudama by FUSE Tomoko

12 & 30 double units kusudama by FUSE Tomoko (another view)

30 double unit kusudama by FUSE; the spiky version (before curling)

30 double unit kusudama by FUSE; curly version

YOSHIZAWA Akira butterfly variation by Fátima Granadeiro (portuguese origamist)

I also learnt a cute butterfly (variation of 吉澤章 /YOSHIZAWA Akira’s butterfly) and a star kusudama that isn’t in the photos, the batteries for the camera are dead…
In another completely different subject: folding with lots of people is the best! If you like origami and live near some kind of “origami meeting” test it out: it’s great :) weather you are a beginner or a seasoned expert it’s worth a try…
Oh, rest assured I did not forget my promise of origami goodies! I am just being the usual slow poke that I am… Actually a tiny part of the new contents are ready but I plan on sharing when I have a bit more… Next week? Yes, I hope so!

origami magic…


Sometimes I can’t help thinking that origami has some kind of magic… I’m not talking about its origins as a temple art; origami has something that can be felt but never touched.
Yesterday I was taking care of the paperwork for my ID renewal and I was really angry; I didn’t had a special reason to be angry I just was. As I sat while waiting for my turn I started folding things: first a box and then a /crane. When I finished I was happy again… Yes it is as lame as this sounds… :) A kid next to me also liked the crane and the lady that took care of my paperwork also liked the crane and said she was going to keep it as a souvenir :)