cherry blossoms!

Since it’s almost cherry blossom viewing time, enjoy!

As I stated in my last post, I’ll try to post this diagram soon, too.
Even though I’m more of an origami person, sometimes I also enjoy kirigami. These blossoms are very easy to do and turn out so pretty and delicate!

simple sakura kirigami

edit › You can view the diagram in Waribashi 39! A free online portuguese magazine about japanese culture. No knowledge of portuguese required for this kirigami tutorial! ;)


One Response to “cherry blossoms!”

  1. Debbie / Daqa Says:

    I thought it was time to leave a message – I’ve been following you for quite a while but don’t think I ever posted before. I haven’t had time to read blogs the last year though, so I’m a bit behind and haven’t seen all posts. Once in a while I check them again. I do like your blog, and the idea that I could check here if I’d want to make something with paper, other then cards, is nice. So many pretty and fun projects! Thanks!

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