origami diagrams out there

Origami diagrams can be easy to discover, or not! Be it basic diagrams, flower diagrams or modular origami diagrams in this little list you can find a bit of everything :)

These are the sites/blogs I visit most frequently:

The Kusudama is now Mio Design blog
Mio TSUGAWA’s site. Some kusudama diagrams for free and some of her creations for you to buy. Nice site with diagrams and plenty of photos. English and japanese. This site has moved to Mio Design blog; her shop is at Puupuu Shop! Now at Origamio.

We love Kusudama
A blog maintained by Mio and other kusudama/origami lovers. You can find nice pictures and much more.
After the 5th of March (2007) it’s going to move to an Orkut community: Origami & Kusudama
This net world sure does change fast: The Origami & Kusudama community in Orkut is down; feel free to visit the other Mio’s Kusudama Origami groups/ communities in my space and flickr. The myspace group is now down; visit the flickr group instead!

Origami Folding Instructions
The name says it all. You can find diagrams and pretty galleries here. Modular origami only or at least I’ve only saw nodular origami… English.

кусудамы -информация
Pretty kusudamas, polyhedron and some boxes. I found good diagrams here :)
I believe the page is in russian or at least the alphabet is cyrilic… (Pardon me for my ignorance)

Origami papierowe fantazje

Polish (once again I think it’s polish, not that sure…) origami association site. The link will lead you to the folding symbols. If you clic in diagramy you can view diagrams in flash, pdf or image formats. Most diagrams are in english. Discover the site and have some nice surprises :)

KUSUDAMA – Arte em Origami
Brazilian site with some hard to find kusudama diagrams. Even though the site is in portuguese the diagrams are in english. One of the kusudama’s diagrams also show how to make a tassel. There are other diagrams for animals, flowers and people.

Origami Central
You won’t find diagrams here but if you want to buy a book you can see what diagrams the book contains or if you’re on the hunt for a special diagram you can find the books/ magazines that have it. Very useful, it also lists diagrams by author.

Joseph Wu’s site
Nice to look around site and yes, it has diagrams! From simple to complex; there’s at least one that says «Do not attempt unless you are an experienced paperfolder» so you can find your thing here. Some of the models are an armadillo, a base for Kawasaki’s rose, the Birdbase Chess Set, an Eagle and the much beautifull Eastern Dragon :) you can also find a white shark, a snowflake among others.

Eric Joisel Origami
Now in memory of the late Eric Joisel. A great origamist, you can see many of his works here! And diagrams too.

David Deruda’s site
In italian, with some of his creations, such as the Cobra and ranoshi, made public :)

Oribara Web
Step by step photos on how to do a Kawasaki Rose. It’s in japanese but it’s really step by step and you have clear buttons to go to the previous or next page; hint:
green line: mountain fold; yellow line: valley fold; blue line: previous crease.

Kusudama Co
English. Folding for children with phocomelia in South America.
Links to diagrams in youtube and more. All in all, a nice site. A generous contribution for the cause will be awarded with an original diagram.

I will update this page every time I’ll find some nice site/ blog with diagrams. Or at least update the links ;)
Last update: the 2nd of May 2011


15 Responses to “origami diagrams out there”

  1. can you find me a diagram Says:

    […] see what diagrams the book contains or if you??re on the hunt for a special diagram you can find …https://paperunlimited.wordpress.com/origami-diagrams-where-to-look/Diagram category theory – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaIn category theory, a branch of […]

  2. Liz Says:

    That cyrillic website is Russian. Just so you know.

  3. Taiwanese Says:

    maybe you will like the blog
    i like your blog too

  4. origamifan Says:

    Herzliche Grüsse

  5. Fernanda Says:

    Love your blog. Motivated me to create one http://blog.toyrating.org

    Thank you

  6. RLWemm Says:

    Try my blog for additional origami instructions and crease patterns (for the expert).

  7. Folding Zach in Half Says:


  8. RLWemm Says:

    There are new kusadamas at Creative Creasings:



  9. Adina Negron Says:

    Hi there! This is kind of off topic but I need some advice from an established blog. Is it very hard to set up your own blog? I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty quick. I’m thinking about making my own but I’m not sure where to begin. Do you have any tips or suggestions? Many thanks

    • Isa Says:

      As long as you have the time to update the blog it’s quite easy. There are layouts and everything can get done in a few clicks for customizing/ setting up and publishing your blog.
      The «problem» to be may be the content ;)

  10. Alejandar Pereyra Says:

    I am interested in learning everything there is to know about how to make these origami kusadamas i love the designs and i want to know how to do them is their videos that you have so you can show me. Thank you

    • Isa Says:

      For the time being I am not making vdeos… Perhaps in the future! ;) but a search on youtube for kusudama can take ou a long way :)

  11. Bea Says:


    I find your page wonderful!

    I would like to asks you to recommend me some Kusadamas that need to be glued (like the Japanese Traditional one) I am very new in the Kusadama folding, and i love folding a lot.

    Thanks in advance


    • Isa Says:

      Tomoko FUSE has a lot of kusudamas that need glue; just on her works you can fold half a lifetime! (Well, almost…)
      You can also see the works of Miyuki KAWAMURA and Meenakshi MUKERJI! Both of them make such beautiful kusudamas! Some need glue, others don’t!
      Hope it helps!

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