modular origami: box i

Going to the no-internet (again) but before another post! :) After the sonobe posts and an elefant break, I return to boxes. A simple box, again by Fuse :) I have done this in two variations the red and blue one (with golden pattern) was done with wrapping paper, the one in green tones was with my newest supply of origami paper and a bit of my first supply.

origami box, by Fuse

origami box, by Fuse

two origami boxes, by Fuse

the bigger origami box, by Fuse, with two lotus flowers inside :)

The blue, red and golden was done with 15×10.7 cm paper and ends up with 8.2×8.2×3.5 cm and the greenish was done with 7.5×5.3 cm the box is 4.1×4.1×1.7 cm. I found the diagram in the web, somewhere, but since I can’t remember where you can get here the page 1, page 2 and the page 3.
For now things are somewhat calm so I am able to sleep decently and hopefully I will get some free time for folding. I’ve got so many things to fold… Perhaps a kusudama or two, that would be so nice…


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