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lotus flowers (:


Howdy (;
So, against all odds I’m alive! Not that anyone would tell by looking at the blog. Sorry… I’m also quite well (; since I recently returned from a trip to Madrid and Barcelona. That felt gooood (: but since all good things come to an end (don’t worry, bad things also come to an end!) I’ve had to return and when freshly arrived I was told that my class, me included obviously, had a work to be due two days from then. That was yesterday. It went kind of well so now I have even more work to do and I’m happy, hyper and want to get things done quickly so I can have more folding time. Final years sure are tough for some… A friend of mine in a different class just goes to the beach, gets a nice tan, parties and so on and me? I’m surrounded of work by all sides, at all times. Yes, I just kicked the mountain of stuff to do when I went to Madrid and Barcelona. Once in a while it feels great to do so ((:
Onto origami: before I went a friend asked me to do some giant lotus flowers. And I did some 50 to 60 of them. The smaller had a diameter of 12cm/ 4.7in the medium 22cm/ 8.7in and the bigger ones (from two glued sheets of kraft paper) were almost 35cm/ 13.8in. That’s giant for me… I’m also folding some sakuradama and sonobe for, hmn…, 3 months or so… You’ll see it some time.

medium sized lotus

lotus in all 3 sizes

lotus in all 3 sizes, another view

"my" lotus at one of the shop windows

Here are some images of that… The lotus, medium and all of them, as well as one of the shop’s windows with them. If you look closely you’ll notice all the mistakes… Many people tell me I fold quite nicely and all that so look at my human side (;
Hopefully, I’ll see you soon!