modular origami: 6 units sonobe

Another oldy! I have done the diagram for the sonobe unit and a variation for a free magazine about Japan and japanese culture and that’s what this post is all about!

sonobe variation units and origami paper

This unit is known as the sonobe unit since it is general belief that 薗部光伸 / SONOBE Mitsunobu is it’s author. Some doubts about authorship do exist however.
Various assemblies are possible; with this exact diagram (no creases added) the cube or hexahedron, then with some added or modified creases you can create assemblies with 3 units, 12 units, 30 units and even more (:

6 units sonobe assembly (and sonobe variation)

I like the sonobe variation diagrams for key chains. In the photo, my actual key chain; I did glue the units and sprayed the finished model with varnish and left to dry for 2 days… An easy to do key chain, unique in the world! (; have you ever done origami key chains? Oh, this one also has styrofoam inside for sturdiness!

6 units sonobe variation key chain

Here is the diagram; it’s for viewing purposes since if it’ll be probably too cramped when printed. The original diagram for the magazine was different and I may or may not re-do this one for a printer friendly version. Probably not since I have a lot to do other than this and there’s so many origami related stuff I want to spend my time with. Sonobe is well known too, so… I’ll decide later.
On another note: I have been reading the comments! However it will take me a while to re-read and properly respond. I’m only one (;


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