kusudama: fuse’s little turtle

my cat and the little turtle kusudama

I present you my cat with an oldy! Well almost half of my cat. He’s very fond of kusudamas and origami. The greater the time I spend folding, the greater his interest will be… Cats! You can’t just help loving them! (: However, rest assured: I arrived in time to save the turtle! And to take a photo (;
FUSE’s little turtle has been around for some time but it certainly does not lose its charm! I love the unit for this kusudama; I think it’s so cute, especially if you have paper with nice prints and/ or colours. Also, this is one of my favourite kusudamas! Ok, practically all of FUSE’s kusudamas are my favourites…
Here is the first assembly! Five units around a centre point and then three units to form a hole; and you keep going until you’re out of the 30 units. It’s the most common and pretty in my opinion; due to the five units around a centre point it turns out very flower like. And, if you have not noticed, I love flowers! (:

little turtle (common)

little turtle (common)

The other assembly is done by inverting the first. You assemble three units around a centre point and then five units around/ to form the hole. It’s a different form of assembly; my first wasn’t done intentionally. Half way through I understood that I was doing the “wrong” assembly but even so I finished it. This is the second one and I’ve done it with brighter colours so it’s much more to my liking!

the two 30 units little turtle assemblies

the two 30 units little turtle assemblies

Both were done with wrapping paper cut in 7x7cm/ 2.75” squares. The blue has a diameter of 8cm/ 3.15” and the flowery one of 10cm/ 3.90”. In the photos above you can notice that the assembly method changes the final size of the kusudama.
You may or may not glue the units; I glued them because the paper was too thin and slippery but with stronger and a little textured paper you don’t need any glue.

the other little turtle assembly

the other little turtle assembly

You have these two complementary assemblies in most, if not all, 30 units kusudama so, be attentive and experiment a lot! I want to try one more variant of this kusudama, with more units, but I still have a lot of kusudamas in my “waiting to be folded” list. Ah, vacation time will be great!


6 Responses to “kusudama: fuse’s little turtle”

  1. Pilitv Says:

    Thats so beautiful!!! Congratulations.
    May i ask where do you buy those amazing papers?

  2. Isa Says:

    Thank you for the compliment (;
    These two papers are simple wrapping papers; they’re sold everywhere! As soon as I see a wrapping paper that I like, I buy it. It’s cheaper than origami paper and still very colourful and easy to fold.
    Fold-able pretty paper is found everywhere! (;

  3. Pilitv Says:

    Thank you so much for answering…
    I want to tell you that this is by far my favourite origami blog… your models, papers & pictures are wonderful!

    Wrapping paper… amazing idea!!!

    Are you from Brasil? Which part? I´m from Chile… here we dont have many variety of paper, but there´s definitely more options with wrapping paper… thank you very much!!!

  4. Isa Says:

    Thank you (;
    I’m not from Brasil, I’m from Portugal (;
    I think no matter where you are there is always wrapping paper! I sometimes even fold from publicity paper that’s in the mail box… Some publicity is really good to fold. You can try that too. However origami and wrapping papers are my favourites.

  5. Pilitv Says:

    I went to the supermarket and got beautiful wrapping paper, and for free!!
    It´s a revelation to me!! Before i found your blog i spend much more money in not-so-pretty paper, im very happyyyy : )
    Thanks again Isa from Portugal!!!

  6. 25 amp fuse Says:

    25 amp fuse…

    […]kusudama: fuse’s little turtle « paper unlimited[…]…

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