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Happy birthday!

Eight years ago I created this blog/ site to share my passion about origami. In these eight years many things have changed, yet my passion with origami is still ablaze… The excitement of folding paper until it becomes something else, be it dazzlingly simple, of sculptural beauty or just lovely as the joy it brings. I had the opportunity of sharing this joy with others and, that too, is another motive for celebration!
Eight years ago I talked about how I’ve come upon origami eight years before. Where will we be eight years from now? I don’t know and, in all honesty that’s fine, I’ll just enjoy the now with calm breaths while folding.

Eight years ago I left a preview of a widely known and appreciated modular creation of Mr. Toshikazu Kawasaki and now I leave you with, perhaps a less known, creation of his, the president’s cherry ball or 大統領の桜玉, in japanese.
Happy birthday paper unlimited! May I share many more folds with you! (more frequently too!) :)
Thank you for visiting, come again!

Toshikazu Kawasaki's new sakuradama: president’s cherry ball or 大統領の桜玉
Note: yes, I have a new camera! Not an DSLR but it’s awesome and I’m putting it to good use. As you can see in the photo of this gigantic sakuradama! Seriously, I folded it big…
And yes, logo update on the way!

kusudama: cherry blossom ball


After some struggle I proudly present you my new cherry blossom ball! This lovely kusudama is by 布施知子/ FUSE Tomoko. Find it in 折紙探偵団 MAGAZINE 通巻72号 /Origami Tanteidan number 72. Now a little explanation about its’ name: this beauty is called てまり桜; the てまり・手鞠 is a japanese hand ball and the , cherry blossom. This is different from the 桜玉 that is made with , meaning cherry blossom, and , meaning ball; so as you can see even though both mean cherry blossom ball their origin is quite different… As some more (useless) trivia you can see some new year “temari” in this site that is basically about flower arrangements. Or so says the title since I’m feeling too lazy to check it all out. Another “temari” can be found in this Kawasakidaishi wind chime festival post. For the curious: Kawasaki Daishi is a temple; for more english info visit the Kawasaki Daishi english site.

Temari Sakura, both variations

Temari Sakura, the real cherry blossom one :)

As you might have noticed there were two kusudamas: a pink and a peach coloured one. Well I first assembled the pink to find out, after assembly of course!, that I couldn’t find no figure resembling a cherry blossom. I had assembled the kusudama the wrong way. Sometimes I am just so smart… After that I folded and assembled the peach coloured one. Another 30 units! Yay! lol First I must say that assembling in the correct way is so much easier… Second, after the first five units assembled I could clearly see a cherry blossom like arrangement :) Third, this is very sonobe-like in assembling. That’s also why you can arrange the 30 units in two different final kusudamas. Both kusudamas were made with thin (about 70 grams per square meter) double face coloured paper of 9x9cm/ 3.5×3.5″ and both have a final 11cm/ 4.3″ diameter. Regular copy paper is, in my humble opinion, overly stiff to make one of these at least with these paper sizes. Now I want to do a pink or carmine cherry blossom ball. If I find a paper that I like you’ll definitively see it around here! ;) A nice lightweight paper…
Another useful info: you can assemble these without glue! Just have some paper scotch tape ready for assembling aid. Actually I don’t know if this is the real english name; it’s a tape that painters use sometimes when painting that glues easily on every dry surface and leaves absolutely no mark when you take it off. Perhaps it is called painter’s tape? In here the most common one is a beige one but I have seen in it blue too. I use the beige. Just “glue” the assembled units with the tape on the outside. After you tuck in the last unit you can remove the tape to discover a pretty flowery kusudama looking at you.

kusudama: sakuradama


Another model by Toshikazu KAWASAKI and quite famous: the sakuradama or cherry blossom ball. The pink one has been made around November or perhaps early to mid December… The smaller one has been “recently” assembled but the units were cut and fold way before: around March or April or even earlier!

) diagram of Toshikazu KAWASAKI

) diagram of Toshikazu KAWASAKI

The pink was made with pearlescent paper from the sakuradama kit (5.4×9 cm/ 2.1×3.5″) and the “golden” one from wrapping paper of 5×7.5 cm (2×3″). I have followed the kit diagram however you may find it in 折り紙夢WORLD/ Origami Yume World, in pages 87~89 according to the kit…

) diagram of Toshikazu KAWASAKI

This is last sakuradama I made; and this is the only picture that survived my laptop “crisis”… The stupid thing is that I saved the most important data of my laptop hard drive and then I lost all the data in the pen… Including lots of ready to post images :( anyway this sakuradama is made of white paper of 260g/m2 (or perhaps 300g/m2?) in rectangles of 7×11 cm /2.8×4.3”. The result is quite sturdy. This beauty is now with the new proud owner…

All of them were made without a single drop of glue! The last one I actually re-assembled it with glue cause you can never know what the new owner is going to make with it… But the way I really like to do a kusudama is without gluing :) The 5th unit of the flower is, as a no-glue result, a little hard to join but the overall result is so pretty that it’s worth all the little troubles of assembly. I have recently found two more sakuradamas: one by Tomoko FUSE and other by Miyuki KAWAMURA :) I’m looking forward to folding both! But only after exams! Well, bye bye and untill another post…

lookie, lookie :)


A white sakuradama and two little butterflies…

sakuradama & butterflies

All by KAWASAKI Toshikazu. The sakuradama was folded some time ago and so have the butterflies.

sakuradama & butterflies

And another butterfly has joined the party. This one is by the great YOSHIZAWA Akira. Since these butterflies are so cute and easy to do every now and then I make one :)
More to come on the butterflies and on the sakuradama! This is a I’m-alive-kind-of-post… I still have some important exams coming on me so I have to go easy on origami :/