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origami: santa claus


Christmas is almost here. I already have my Santa :) and you? This is a diagram by 小松英夫/ KOMATSU Hideo. It’s simple. So simple, in fact that my first Santa was folded from a CP! My first CP, too… The front totally resembled the original but the back… I couldn’t find an image of the back so I didn’t turn out so fine… Actually my folds were about 90% accurate what I consider very good for a first try :) Anyway, it’s a simple Santa, especially when you have the folding sequence to follow :)

Santa Claus, KOMATSU Hideo

This is for the ones who got the CP on the net and didn’t find enough photos to understand how was the Santa’s back. It’s my smallest Santa and utterly cute, too :) This was made from 7.5×7.5cm/ 3.9″ and is 5cm/ 2″ tall.

Santa Claus, KOMATSU Hideo

Santa Claus, KOMATSU Hideo

The bigger redish one came from a 15x15cm/ 5.9″ square sheet and the green from 10x10cm/ 3.9″ sheet. They end up with a height of 9.5cm/ 3.7″ and 6.5cm/ 2.6″ respectively. Use paper that’s white on one side and has colour on the other. The bigger Santa is made by paper that is red on the corners and white in the centre. I also made one green since it was Santa’s costume colour before Coca-cola decided to revamp Santa’s closet a little… ;) But a red Santa is definitively more appealing. This is diagrammed, step by step so don’t be afraid, on 折紙探偵団MAGAZINE 通巻100号/ Origami Tanteidan Magazine 100.


kusudama: butterfly


This kusudama is named “Butterfly Kusudama” in YAMAGUCHI Makoto’s book Kusudama Ball Origami and in FUSE Tomoko’s book, 最新 くす玉折り紙 教室/ latest kusudama origami classroom, it is refered to as 花のくす玉/ flower kusudama and is marked as a traditional kusudama.

butterfly or flower kusudama

butterfly or flower kusudama

No matter how this kusudama is known it still has 60 units. As most flower kusudamas it has 12 flowers of 5 petals each (the same as Morning Dew, for example). This kusudama shows it’s true colours when folded in a somehow stiffer/ heavier paper; for units of 7x7cm/ 2.8″ a paper or 60grams per square meter is not advised; in my opinion even a 80grams paper isn’t! I used a 100grams paper. I want to fold it again with 5x5cm/ 2″ and I’ll use regular paper to see how it works… Just a note about the paper: it’s a blueish white with “dots” and really small bits of other papers in it.

kusudama: morning dew (i)


This is my very first Morning Dew kusudama! The diagram is in a book by YAMAGUCHI Makoto/ 山口真 named Kusudama Ball Origami. I believe this is a traditional diagram.

Morning Dew (1)

This one is actually quite bad looking. I mean the paper is nice and all but I assembled hurriedly and it shows. The photo doesn’t help at all, too. I mean all three photos of this kusudama are somehow blurred! I would take another photo but the kusudama isn’t with me any more so this will do to show you this model… And to tell that things don’t always turns pretty/ ok!
I am already searching for the paper for the second version of this one, so stay tunned! There’s more origami on the way here, too… :D

kusudama: mosaic box (ii)


First of all: I’m sorry for the long delay. Actually after I got my net connection back I had such an overload of work and things to do that I’ve been quite absent from the blog :( but now I am back and fear not I did origami/ kusudamas! The red sakuradama has been finished, see the post before this one, these are also finished and I started four other kusudamas: two are finished and two are almost finished. I also have origami, other than kusudamas, in line for appearing here! Let’s see what shows up first :D
Most of the comments are now answered! Yay! Now, onto more kusudamas!
These are photos of my second version of Mosaic Box/ モザイクボックス! Go get it at The Kusudama! I’ve made a post about it before: here (in January).

Mosaic Box (done with origami double faced paper)

Mosaic Box (done with origami double faced paper)

Here are those same kusudamas on the look who’s still alive post but finished up with beads and tassel. I think I could have chosen better looking beads but I only had these with me. I have to buy a new stock of beads for my kusudamas and dye for the tassels… Oh, and my paper is almost gone too… I need to shop for a lot of things to make my kusudamas prettier :)

Mosaic Box (done with origami double faced paper)

Mosaic Box (done with origami double faced paper)

Some technical info: made with 6 square sheets of 15cm/ 5.9″ the kusudama has a 7.5cm/ 3″ diameter. The “new” thing about this kusudama is the paper I used, as I mentioned earlier, I used origami paper, double faced patterned origami paper. Isn’t cute? One is stamped/ printed with traditional geometrical patterns on one side and a somehow traditional “drawings” on the other; the other has flowers on both sides, one being colourful and the other face in a more “one-colour-version” print. I also added a tassel and two beads on one and one bead on another… If I hadn’t used beads the tassel wouldn’t stay in place…
If you’re new in the kusudama world you might try this one out! It’s very simple to fold and since it has only 6 units it’s also very simple and fast to join together :)
Yes, I tend to say that the kusudamas are simple and fun to do, but they are! And this one is one of the simplest! Really! Go try to do one ;)

kusudama: cherry blossom ball (ii)


My newest version of てまり桜 by 布施知子 (see this post for more info). I hope this calms the visitors down ;) I’m back on track with this red kusudama!

Temari Sakura by Tomoko FUSE (version2)

Temari Sakura by Tomoko FUSE (version2)

It isn’t quite totally to my liking yet but it’s quickly approaching :) This cute kusudama was made with 7x7cm/ 2.8″ red kraft paper and has a diameter of 8cm/ 3.1″; as I expected it’s so much cuter in red! The next one will be with some floral pattern… Or perhaps with a simple traditional pattern… What do you think will be the best?

An apology…


My sincere apologies to Fátima Granadeiro: the butterfly she has done is not a variation of YOSHIZAWA Akira’s butterfly! It simply turned out to be a butterfly similar to the one by Y. Akira… She has just made me notice this; actually she has mentioned this in the “Amigos do Origami” (origami friends) meeting but I totally forgot about it. I have just edited the title in the pdf file to reflect that. If you got the first one please replace it by this butterfly diagram! I have replaced all the links in the blog, too…

origami: Y. Akira’s butterfly variation by Fátima Granadeiro


Fátima Granadeiro is a portuguese origamist; she was of the first in Portugal and has done much to this art through the years here! Actually she was recently awarded by the japanese ambassador in Portugal :)

Fátima Granadeiro butterfly (variation of YOSHIWA Akira’s butterfly)

She has done, among other models, a variation of (吉澤章) YOSHIZAWA Akira’s butterfly. In the last meeting of “Amigos do Origami” (translated as origami friends) she has explained how to do it. After 2 days, however, I had some trouble recollecting how it was done… I had to make two butterflies to make a “decent” one. So, I decided to make a diagram and since I’ve done i might as well share it…
Here it is the nice butterfly. Hope you enjoy :) This butterfly is folded better with double faced paper: be it two different colours, two different patterns or such… With the same coulour on both sides the butterfly won’t shine that much. This wasn’t supposed to be in the origami goodies but since I’ve gone to the trouble, not that much actually, of making it… The format is for viewing only! Unless you have a plotter, that is… And since I’m repeating myself I’ll just shut up… ;)

Oh, somewhat important note: at step 17 if don’t crease well the butterfly will be with a more rounded and 3D shape. Since I barely used text in the diagram, any doubts refer to Yoshizawa’s butterfly: they are very alike! Any more doubts? Ask me!

PS: As soon as I get my pc running without errors and with some decent programs I’ll “upgrade” this pdf file… If you saw the original file, it is so much more prettier than this one :(

PS2: contrary to what I’ve posted before I have now decided to post the origami goodies/ diagrams not at once. Since I am quite busy, and slow too, I believe this is for the best. Now, go try to fold these diagrams! After that say something :) I will love to see your origami! :D

edit: this butterfly isn’t, after all, a butterfly variation of Y. Akira; it wasn’t created with that purpose in mind, it just turned out like that… Refer to the apology post for more details…

kusudamas, and more, on the way here! :)


I had been super busy with school work and well, life in general… However I got the time to “test” two new kududamas :) They are both by 布施知子 /FUSE Tomoko and they are so beautiful! Well, enough of me… Check the kusudamas!

12 & 30 double units kusudama by FUSE Tomoko

12 & 30 double units kusudama by FUSE Tomoko (another view)

30 double unit kusudama by FUSE; the spiky version (before curling)

30 double unit kusudama by FUSE; curly version

YOSHIZAWA Akira butterfly variation by Fátima Granadeiro (portuguese origamist)

I also learnt a cute butterfly (variation of 吉澤章 /YOSHIZAWA Akira’s butterfly) and a star kusudama that isn’t in the photos, the batteries for the camera are dead…
In another completely different subject: folding with lots of people is the best! If you like origami and live near some kind of “origami meeting” test it out: it’s great :) weather you are a beginner or a seasoned expert it’s worth a try…
Oh, rest assured I did not forget my promise of origami goodies! I am just being the usual slow poke that I am… Actually a tiny part of the new contents are ready but I plan on sharing when I have a bit more… Next week? Yes, I hope so!

kusudama: cherry blossom ball


After some struggle I proudly present you my new cherry blossom ball! This lovely kusudama is by 布施知子/ FUSE Tomoko. Find it in 折紙探偵団 MAGAZINE 通巻72号 /Origami Tanteidan number 72. Now a little explanation about its’ name: this beauty is called てまり桜; the てまり・手鞠 is a japanese hand ball and the , cherry blossom. This is different from the 桜玉 that is made with , meaning cherry blossom, and , meaning ball; so as you can see even though both mean cherry blossom ball their origin is quite different… As some more (useless) trivia you can see some new year “temari” in this site that is basically about flower arrangements. Or so says the title since I’m feeling too lazy to check it all out. Another “temari” can be found in this Kawasakidaishi wind chime festival post. For the curious: Kawasaki Daishi is a temple; for more english info visit the Kawasaki Daishi english site.

Temari Sakura, both variations

Temari Sakura, the real cherry blossom one :)

As you might have noticed there were two kusudamas: a pink and a peach coloured one. Well I first assembled the pink to find out, after assembly of course!, that I couldn’t find no figure resembling a cherry blossom. I had assembled the kusudama the wrong way. Sometimes I am just so smart… After that I folded and assembled the peach coloured one. Another 30 units! Yay! lol First I must say that assembling in the correct way is so much easier… Second, after the first five units assembled I could clearly see a cherry blossom like arrangement :) Third, this is very sonobe-like in assembling. That’s also why you can arrange the 30 units in two different final kusudamas. Both kusudamas were made with thin (about 70 grams per square meter) double face coloured paper of 9x9cm/ 3.5×3.5″ and both have a final 11cm/ 4.3″ diameter. Regular copy paper is, in my humble opinion, overly stiff to make one of these at least with these paper sizes. Now I want to do a pink or carmine cherry blossom ball. If I find a paper that I like you’ll definitively see it around here! ;) A nice lightweight paper…
Another useful info: you can assemble these without glue! Just have some paper scotch tape ready for assembling aid. Actually I don’t know if this is the real english name; it’s a tape that painters use sometimes when painting that glues easily on every dry surface and leaves absolutely no mark when you take it off. Perhaps it is called painter’s tape? In here the most common one is a beige one but I have seen in it blue too. I use the beige. Just “glue” the assembled units with the tape on the outside. After you tuck in the last unit you can remove the tape to discover a pretty flowery kusudama looking at you.

animals: butterflies


Along with dragonflies, butterflies are my favourite insects. I believe one day I will be able to admire spiders but for now they just make me shiver. Imagine my suffering being a country girl: lots and lots of spiders for me to scream around… Well at least now I don’t scream: I jump. In silence. The silence part is very important :) It’s still an over reaction but improvement is improvement! And coming back to origami: these butterflies were diagrammed by 川崎敏和 /KAWASAKI Toshikazu. They can be found in 折り紙夢WORLD花と動物編 /Origami Dream World, Flowers and Animals volume.

Kawasaki butterflies

another Kawasaki butterfly

These butterflies are made with 1×2 ratio paper, or simply put: half of a square. *origami purists tremble with horror… Ehehe* It’s very easy to do. Actually I have much more done, you’ll see some more after this text. The brownish one was made from 9x18cm / 3.5×7″ rectangle of wrapping paper and ended up with 9x10x1cm /3.5x4x0.5″; the flowery one changed from a 7.5x15cm /3×6″ to a 7x8x0.8cm /2.8×3.1×0.3″ and was made from double faced origami paper (blue on one side, flower prints on the other). Finally the smaller and pinkish butterfly was made from stiff semi-transparent paper of 3x6cm /” that resulted in a 3.2×2.8×0.3 cm /1.3×1.1×0.1″ butterfly.

more Kawasaki butterflies!

three butterflies on “detal”

Here are some of the other butterflies… They are smaller than the blue one with flowers and a little bigger than the pink one as you can see. And another post went by. I am also approaching fast the point of having no more origami done to show to you… I have stuff for another post, maybe two more and then I’ll just have to improvise (this is the part where you feel shivers down your back and tremble in fear). Thankfully my kind-of-vacation-like-time is almost here too and, of course!, I have lots of things to fold: another sakuradama, two dogs, a fox, a cat, wait two cats and at least two kusudamas and a box :)