kusudama: mosaic box (iii)

Here are some unexpected developments!
Isabelle, somewhere in a comment around the blog, said she wanted to do the mosaic box/ モザイク Box and that the diagram is no longer available. When I was backing up my drive I remembered it; so I made a search for the diagram, and contrary to all my expectations, the search returned valid results. Naming, the diagram! It’s as I copied it from Mio’s site: in japanese and it even has the go back and forth arrows. Ahahaaa, I should’ve deleted those, at least. And remember the diagram is © by Mio TSUGAWA! ;)
I’ve talked about the mosaic box before, here and here. But going back… Those were some nasty photos.

I think the diagram is quite understable but since I know some japanese I might be using it unconsciously.
Just bear something in mind:
1. If you start with squares of 15cm/ ” you’ll be ending with a half the size kusudama so you might want to avoid small papers. At first.
2. The back of the paper will show, be it white pattern or plain simple colours. Cheap options for paper are wrapping paper and, of course, kraft.
3. Have paper clips or some small (cloth) springs at hand. It will be handy when assembling. I recommend glue, too, if you want your kusudama to stay assembled.
4. The kusudama has a cubic shape, so only 6 sheets are needed. It’s simpler to assembly a corner, with 3 units, another corner with another 3 units, and, after that, join the two corners to form the cube. Assembling it one by one will make it harder to tuck in the last piece.
5. Have fun! :)
This is quite easy to fold and even though it’s simple it’s quite nice when complete!
I even folded one since it’s so simple! The wonder of cube like kusudama and only 6 units!

And here I am with another post… Wow. I’m starting to think that I can even post about the long awaited cherry blossoms before summer. Now, it seems possible!
I guess I’m complying with the new year resolutions! Feeling good! :)
Happy and fun folding!


One Response to “kusudama: mosaic box (iii)”

  1. Isabelle Says:

    Hello Isa, Isa speaking !

    I thank you so much for the mosaic box diagram (from Mio Tsugawa !). I have made many many searches,even in Japanese, before sending you this “desperate” request !

    You made me a gift I will remember and this kusudama will be my favorite (we say “chouchou” in french), no doubt about it.

    I was in Lisboa in December and discovered a wonderfull city (an around) ! Love Portugal ! Love Mosaic !

    Please, continue folding : you have a great sense of colours and a infallible taste. Keep on inspiring me.

    Isabelle “somewhere in the blog”

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