Flowers for peace and relief

A flower to liven up all those who need it!

shunka temari, origami kusudama

In these harsh times in which people, like us!, suffer in Egypt, Libya and, for very different reasons, Japan, I offer this flower for some peace and relieve. (And, unfortunately, in many more places with famine, diseases or simply no freedom of will and/ or speech!)

Made to welcome this Spring, may this flower bloom in you the need for tough.
So that when one presses a swich for electricity it may come in a way that no people suffer if a tsunami or earthquake happens. After all, “clean energy” should be clean.
So that everyone may live in peace and with all the dignity one deserves.
We all inhabit the same house, it’s called Earth. Let’s care for each other and for our home!

shunka temari, origami kusudama

Origami: Spring Flower Ball or, if you prefer a japanese name, 春花手毬 or 春花てまり. Made by yours truly, it will be presented soon. With a diagram.


6 Responses to “Flowers for peace and relief”

  1. afansenil Says:

    Hi Isa,

    I love your blog! I has inspired me to start my own. I also want to try to use the models I fold for my charity Folding for Phocomelia. I suffer from this condition and I want to help other poor people in my country to get the prosthesis (and they are a litttle expensive). I promise to mail a model for every generous donation.

    I put your link to my blog on wordpress, and I made a little banner for it too! Please put me on yours :)

    this is my blog:

    Thank you,


  2. Isa Says:

    Thank you for your link! I saw the blog and it seems quite nice :)
    I’ll be visiting you once in a while! :)

    I’m glad my blog has served as inspiration for you to start one!

    Happy folding!

  3. afansenil Says:

    your welcome :) Would you kindly put up a link on my blog on yours,
    thank you,

  4. Isa Says:

    It’s already on the right side on the links in “more to fold!” and in my page “origami diagrams out there” (;


  5. afansenil Says:

    thank you Isa, that means a lit to me. Have a great day!


  6. Jana Hrdličková Says:


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