new logo!

After two years of personal discontentment with the site’s logo, I finally put my hands to it…!
The previous colours were cinnamon & vanilla; now I’m more on strawberry & chocolate — whipped cream too, if I name the white! The (drawn) elements are still the same — because I really like them — but they were redrawn and reshaped a bit. The layout is a bit cleaner too.
I now have mixed feelings about the paper sheet colours/ gradient so an alternative version might appear soon. Or somewhat (not so) soon…

Now I can focus on other stuff. Origami related but not only. Also there is a high probability that the next news/ post are about cherry blossoms (;


3 Responses to “new logo!”

  1. Misato Says:

    Isa, ADOREI♥ o teu blog! tens de me ensinar estas sakuras, quero fazeeeer! :***

  2. Isa Says:

    Sim, claro! São super fáceis de fazer ;) só precisas de 5 quadrados de papel :)
    Não sei se viste o blog todo… Tens mais dois post sobre estas sakura! Este post e este!
    (No próximo almoço da waribashi, se não houver oportunidade melhor antes, levo papel!)

  3. Misato Says:

    também posso levar papel :)
    depois irei cuscar nos posts que disseste!

    ah, a minha professora de japonês também está encantada com os teus origamis ;)

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