bookmarks: simple & lotus flower

An item that any book lover, or book user, never has too many: a bookmark! The japanese word for bookmark is しおり・栞. These are just one type of origami bookmarks, more will be featured here in the future.
I learned both of these bookmarks as traditional, if you know otherwise, please let me know! (:

simple and lotus bookmarks

This is one of the simplest origami bookmarks there is! You can use paper with different colours/ prints on both sides and it results as well as simple paper and prints… The diagram is here! Hope you enjoy it. Scroll down for the other diagram and info on the other bookmark.
A square of 7x7cm/ 2,75″ will end up in a bookmark with 3,5×3,5cm/ 1,37″. Papers of 10×10 or 9x9cm (3,94″ or 3,54″) turn into nice sized bookmarks!

simple bookmarks

simple bookmarks

I prefer the lotus one… My love for (almost) anything flowery on action, perhaps. But I use this one mostly at home, the lotus petals became a bit jaggy when used on books I carry with me… Click here for the diagram, another waribashi one, too.
This bookmark is best made with paper that has the same colour or print on both paper faces. If not the other colour print will show on the outer petals. A square of 9x9cm/ 3,54″ results in a bookmark with 5,5cm/ 2,16″ wide and 4,5cm/ 1,77″ tall.

lotus bookmarks

lotus bookmark

lotus bookmarks

A pack of 3~5 bookmarks is a nice extra in Christmas and birthday presents… If you offer a book, why not offering some bookmarks, too? And even if you don’t offer a book, you can still offer bookmarks! (;

simple and lotus bookmarks

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  1. Bookmark Says:

    Bookmarks kann man kostenlos eintragen und verwalten

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