Origami to decorate!

Hello! (: This is a post about last summer!
As usual I was super busy… Last exams at university, squeezing time to some beach fun (I actually went 6times to the beach! yay me! lol) and, as a favour, some hours at a decoration shop a friend owns. One of the house policies is to always ornament the bags with the goods to the clients. Of course I couldn’t let this slip trough! (: After finding a gorgeous crepe paper – you know, the crumpled paper available in lot of colours usually really thin and in small rolls – that’s actually stiff and allows folding, I started to think in simple things to fold and decorate bags.
The paper is in a really nice purple colour and I decided to do butterflies! Akira YOSHIZAWA’s butterflies to be more accurate. They turned out great even though the paper was small (approximately 16x16cm and 9x9cm, respectively 6.3×6.3 and 3.5×3.5 inches) and resulted in small butterflies; height of 7.5cm/ 3” and 5cm/ 2″. Searching further I found the reminiscences of a pink variant but since it was from the end of the roll it was very very crumpled and the result was not so neat. However the pink is really pretty so all ends well. The pink butterflies were done from squares, if one could call squares to that, of approximately 8x8cm / 3.1×3.1″ that resulted in butterflies with the height of 4.5cm /1.7″.

butterflies in crepe paper

butterflies in crepe paper

butterflies in crepe paper

carnation and butterflies in crepe paper

I’ve also tried to do some lilies and another easy flower, a carnation. I was all set to buy at least two or three rolls of that paper… Purple, a vivid pink and sky blue is what I was aiming for but it totally slipped my mind until I talked about these butterflies to a friend…

lily in crepe paper

carnations in pink and purple

carnations in pink and purple

carnations in pink and purple

I remembered I had some photos and here it is! A post with lots of pictures; the quality of the pictures isn’t that good but you get to see some origami in action. I don’t have a picture of any of the finished bags though. If I find one I’ll add it here! Oh, the clients also enjoyed the bags (;


2 Responses to “Origami to decorate!”

  1. J.Crispino Says:

    Can you tell me how to do the extra fold to make a Japanese Brocade 12 or 30 units? thanks.

  2. Isa Says:

    J. Crispino, after having the finished unit, you simply fold in half… If you have the possibility look at a simple sonobe unit, and then the sonobe unit to fold the 12 and 30 units version; the brocade (as many kusudama) are folded quite similarly. I’ll explain that in more detail in a post (somewhat soon hopefully).

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