A hint of what’s coming here (:

As I finally ended my first exam period in university, got a job for some money and will start my second exam period before a new school year arises (and had a two weeks vacation too ^^) here I am showing some kusudamas! I have to say that since I passed the most important subject of the year I’m on my last year… I’m really a soon to be architect… (: I am really happy, I’m super boosted for my incoming exams! And I need that boost because it’s so boring to study for exams… So just for you that keep visiting the blog/ site a preview of these babies:

Hope you like it. These are two versions; there are more folded, more in line for folding and two diagrams in a almost done and reviewing status for your viewing and folding pleasure. Yes, they were requested and popular. Keep “suffering” since the evil me will say no more. I’ve just noticed that I’m quite formal while writting… On that note: see you soon! (;
/Yes, the images are different since my laptop is chatting and giving a hard time to the technical support, they’ve asked permission for a format… Good thing I’ve backed up every little file before. So I’m on my old laptop whose monitor arose from the dead in linux: ubuntu. I’m using Gimp so the colours are bound to be different…. Just for the curious and really attentive ones out there. /


3 Responses to “A hint of what’s coming here (:”

  1. Lalla Lydia Says:

    Recently found your blog, love your designs. I tagged you over on mine. You inspire me!

  2. karen lommez Says:

    Wow! I love these little babies!!!

  3. Pfiffigste Says:

    Wow, I did the same, two years ago.

    Greatings, I like your kusudama.

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