Some boxes…

I haven’t fold that much lately… But let me show you that I’m still living and folding!

These are boxes by FUSE Tomoko (: Nice, ain’t they…? (that’s a rhetorical question by the way…) Well, there’s one that I’ve made without a diagram, on the second photo, the box on the left. But I think Fuse has a box like that, or prettier… I might have rearranged the folding sequence but that’s a Fuse box, no doubt! (;
edit: due to some strange thing the second photo wasn’t showing… Now it is…


5 Responses to “Some boxes…”

  1. tamarasheehan Says:

    Wow. Lovely.

  2. Elvira- Says:

    Soy fiel admiradora de Tomoko Fuse- Es grandiosa!!! la mejor!!! tengo un total de 20 libros de ella y pliego todos sus diseños- un saludo afectuoso desde Argentina-

  3. Renata Says:

    That´s so beautiful!!! I’m starting on Fuse’s boxes , this is simply beautiful!

  4. Sarah Says:

    I love these boxes so much. They are gorgeous! Please could you let me know where I can get the instructions from. I want to make some for guests at my wedding! Thank you!

  5. Goaia Says:

    Hey! LOVE your origami, and i would LOVE to have the instructions for these boxes, and many of your other origami! thanks!!

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