kusudama: kusabi a (i)

What a surprise! Another kusudama by FUSE! I bet none of you saw that coming… I have only done the cube and octahedral base shapes. The dodecahedral will come soon :)



Since I haven’t done the 30, or 60 in this case, unit kusudama these were assembled without glue. Just a bit challenging assembly for the 12 unit kusudama. However as long as you don’t use very big units it’s perfectly assembled without glue. These were made by 6x12cm /2.4×4.7″ coloured paper, the normal colour paper of 80 grams per square meter. The 30 units kusudama will be a little big with these paper sizes but by using 80g/m2 paper any smaller size will be very hard to assemble.


2 Responses to “kusudama: kusabi a (i)”

  1. Cristina Salcedo Says:

    yor blog is just grate!!!(my inglish…NO),but thanks for the beatiffull origami , did you know the Kusudama Ostrum(by Nina Ostrum)? is marvellous but I cant not fold the modul, Please, HEEEELP, thanks, thanks, thans,
    Hope hear of you.
    kissis and by by

  2. Isa Says:

    I think I’ve seen it somewhere, I’ll try to find it, fold it and post the results (;
    Cristina, if you want to you may post your comments in another language: as long as it is portuguese, spanish, italian and french I’ll understand and may post the english translation (:
    However your english, even with some flaws, is perfectly understandable!

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