kusudama: diamond shape pacchi (i)

Remember me? And remember these kusudamas? I do! :)
They are by 布施知子 /FUSE Tomoko and I had to post them decently before doing the washi version. The smaller has 12 double units and the bigger 30. These sonobe-like units are made from 1:2 paper and each finished unit is made up of a base unit and a face unit. In these particular kusudamas the base is the base colour unit and the face unit, the diamond shape unit.




These units were made by colourful 8×4 cm /3.1×1.6″ paper of 70g/m2. The smaller one can be made without glue but on the bigger one I used a bit of glue. It’s hell to assemble without glue however I believe it is possible.
A note on the name: I made these by the original/ japanese book so even though I know there is a english version of the book I do not know the name. The kusudama is named ひし形パッチ; it means something like diamond shape pouch or patch. I have no clue whatsoever of what パッチ /pacchi is intended to mean. Really no idea! You can find them at Flower Globe, 花まり. [edit: Sam, as you can see in the comment bellow, stated that this kusudama is named rhombic patches in english!]

Another note: ultimato do papel is finally somehow active/ online. It’s basically a sister blog/ site of paper unlimited also maintained by me with these contents in portuguese. It’s going to be a slow ride but it has finally started :)


4 Responses to “kusudama: diamond shape pacchi (i)”

  1. Sam Says:

    In the English version of the book it is called Rhombic Patches.

  2. Isa Says:

    Thank you, Sam! ;)

  3. Luvanimemt Says:

    Do you have diagrams for these or do we just buy the book? Do you have links? THanks for posting all your wonderful creations. The photography is just amazing and it’s a real joy to see such beautiful kusudamas and sonobes.

  4. Siegfried Says:

    Hi!!! It’s cute, where I can find the diagrams??? Con you send them to me?? Please!!!

    A lot fo greets!!!

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