origami: santa claus

Christmas is almost here. I already have my Santa :) and you? This is a diagram by 小松英夫/ KOMATSU Hideo. It’s simple. So simple, in fact that my first Santa was folded from a CP! My first CP, too… The front totally resembled the original but the back… I couldn’t find an image of the back so I didn’t turn out so fine… Actually my folds were about 90% accurate what I consider very good for a first try :) Anyway, it’s a simple Santa, especially when you have the folding sequence to follow :)

Santa Claus, KOMATSU Hideo

This is for the ones who got the CP on the net and didn’t find enough photos to understand how was the Santa’s back. It’s my smallest Santa and utterly cute, too :) This was made from 7.5×7.5cm/ 3.9″ and is 5cm/ 2″ tall.

Santa Claus, KOMATSU Hideo

Santa Claus, KOMATSU Hideo

The bigger redish one came from a 15x15cm/ 5.9″ square sheet and the green from 10x10cm/ 3.9″ sheet. They end up with a height of 9.5cm/ 3.7″ and 6.5cm/ 2.6″ respectively. Use paper that’s white on one side and has colour on the other. The bigger Santa is made by paper that is red on the corners and white in the centre. I also made one green since it was Santa’s costume colour before Coca-cola decided to revamp Santa’s closet a little… ;) But a red Santa is definitively more appealing. This is diagrammed, step by step so don’t be afraid, on 折紙探偵団MAGAZINE 通巻100号/ Origami Tanteidan Magazine 100.


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