kusudama: morning dew (i)

This is my very first Morning Dew kusudama! The diagram is in a book by YAMAGUCHI Makoto/ 山口真 named Kusudama Ball Origami. I believe this is a traditional diagram.

Morning Dew (1)

This one is actually quite bad looking. I mean the paper is nice and all but I assembled hurriedly and it shows. The photo doesn’t help at all, too. I mean all three photos of this kusudama are somehow blurred! I would take another photo but the kusudama isn’t with me any more so this will do to show you this model… And to tell that things don’t always turns pretty/ ok!
I am already searching for the paper for the second version of this one, so stay tunned! There’s more origami on the way here, too… :D


4 Responses to “kusudama: morning dew (i)”

  1. Estivalia Says:

    I made a kusudama like this! The assembly was a real pain :S (the one I made had 3 “thingies” on the inner part of the petals). It’s really pretty even with a blurry picture :)

  2. jennifer kim Says:

    So pretty (:
    Could you teach me how to make it?
    &even though the pictures blurry its still pretty ;D

  3. amy Says:

    What kind of paper do you use? where can i get them?

    • Isa Says:

      This kusudama was made with wrapping paper.
      You can check where you buy wrapping paper and see their selection. Or at online stores!
      It’s an easily available paper and it’s almost everywhere!

      Hope it helps!

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