kusudama: mosaic box (ii)

First of all: I’m sorry for the long delay. Actually after I got my net connection back I had such an overload of work and things to do that I’ve been quite absent from the blog :( but now I am back and fear not I did origami/ kusudamas! The red sakuradama has been finished, see the post before this one, these are also finished and I started four other kusudamas: two are finished and two are almost finished. I also have origami, other than kusudamas, in line for appearing here! Let’s see what shows up first :D
Most of the comments are now answered! Yay! Now, onto more kusudamas!
These are photos of my second version of Mosaic Box/ モザイクボックス! Go get it at The Kusudama! I’ve made a post about it before: here (in January).

Mosaic Box (done with origami double faced paper)

Mosaic Box (done with origami double faced paper)

Here are those same kusudamas on the look who’s still alive post but finished up with beads and tassel. I think I could have chosen better looking beads but I only had these with me. I have to buy a new stock of beads for my kusudamas and dye for the tassels… Oh, and my paper is almost gone too… I need to shop for a lot of things to make my kusudamas prettier :)

Mosaic Box (done with origami double faced paper)

Mosaic Box (done with origami double faced paper)

Some technical info: made with 6 square sheets of 15cm/ 5.9″ the kusudama has a 7.5cm/ 3″ diameter. The “new” thing about this kusudama is the paper I used, as I mentioned earlier, I used origami paper, double faced patterned origami paper. Isn’t cute? One is stamped/ printed with traditional geometrical patterns on one side and a somehow traditional “drawings” on the other; the other has flowers on both sides, one being colourful and the other face in a more “one-colour-version” print. I also added a tassel and two beads on one and one bead on another… If I hadn’t used beads the tassel wouldn’t stay in place…
If you’re new in the kusudama world you might try this one out! It’s very simple to fold and since it has only 6 units it’s also very simple and fast to join together :)
Yes, I tend to say that the kusudamas are simple and fun to do, but they are! And this one is one of the simplest! Really! Go try to do one ;)


4 Responses to “kusudama: mosaic box (ii)”

  1. Connie Says:

    Hi! These are lovely. Can I ask where you purchase your paper and your tassels from? Thanks!

  2. zynga Says:

    i am almost always wandering throughout the web most of the night and so I possess a tendency to read substantially, which unfortunately is not usually a beneficial option as almost all of the online resources I see are composed of useless trash copied from some other internet sites a thousand times, however I have to give you credit this website is in reality half decent and has some unique material, for that reason cheers for helping to stop the fad of exactly replicating other peoples’ sites, if you ever wanna have fun with playing a few hands of facebook poker together with me just let me know – you have my e-mail :)

  3. Isa Says:

    I make my tassels… However for paper I usually shop at http://www.miyabi.de but you have many sites selling origami; it depends on where you are!
    Zynga, thank you. At least the text is original. The models, however, are quite common imho…

  4. kusudama: mosaic box (iii) « paper unlimited Says:

    […] the diagram is © by Mio TSUGAWA! ;) I’ve talked about the mosaic box before, here and here. But going back… Those were some nasty […]

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