look who’s still alive…

After some (long?) time without news/origami here I am! I folded only some boxes and two simple kusudamas… I spent some time with my parents (without net!) and I had one more exame, one than I wasn’t expecting but it’s done and the I know I passed it so… happy me! :)

box, YAMAGUCHI Makoto

box, YAMAGUCHI Makoto

Mosaic Box, TSUGAWA Mio (Puupuu)

Mosaic Box, TSUGAWA Mio (Puupuu)

The boxes are from 山口真 / YAMAGUCHI Makoto and the kusudamas are モザイクボックス by TSUGAMA Mio. I wanted to do some other colour versions since I tried the diagram the first time :)

Oh, I’ll be without net for some more days but I have read the comments that some of you left and next week (by one way or another) I’ll have my internet back so I’ll answer, give you some more origami goodies, etc, etc! Untill then, be good! Or not… ;P


4 Responses to “look who’s still alive…”

  1. Estivalia Says:

    Hi! I just found your blog and love it <3 I love origami and recently discovered kusudama (I’m doing my first right now).

    Love the paper! Is it bought or printed by yourself?

    Hugs from Chile

  2. Anna Says:

    we miss you !!! i hope you bring us a very wonderfuls photos soon ;)

  3. Isa Says:

    I have just done a post! However the photos are not so wonderful :$ but better days are coming! ;) It’s nice to be back, ehehe :D

  4. kusudama: Mosaic Box (ii) « Says:

    […] are those same kusudamas on the look who’s still alive post but finished up with beads and tassel. I think I could have chosen better looking beads but I […]

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