An apology…

My sincere apologies to Fátima Granadeiro: the butterfly she has done is not a variation of YOSHIZAWA Akira’s butterfly! It simply turned out to be a butterfly similar to the one by Y. Akira… She has just made me notice this; actually she has mentioned this in the “Amigos do Origami” (origami friends) meeting but I totally forgot about it. I have just edited the title in the pdf file to reflect that. If you got the first one please replace it by this butterfly diagram! I have replaced all the links in the blog, too…


One Response to “An apology…”

  1. Doris Says:

    Olá Isa!

    Achei teu blog por acaso e adorei!
    Admiro muito o trabalho de origami, mas não sou muito habilidosa… De qualquer maneira eu tentei (e consegui!) fazer a borboleta. FIquei bem entusiasmada.

    Muito obrigada!!!
    Mil beijos do Brasil


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