kusudamas, and more, on the way here! :)

I had been super busy with school work and well, life in general… However I got the time to “test” two new kududamas :) They are both by 布施知子 /FUSE Tomoko and they are so beautiful! Well, enough of me… Check the kusudamas!

12 & 30 double units kusudama by FUSE Tomoko

12 & 30 double units kusudama by FUSE Tomoko (another view)

30 double unit kusudama by FUSE; the spiky version (before curling)

30 double unit kusudama by FUSE; curly version

YOSHIZAWA Akira butterfly variation by Fátima Granadeiro (portuguese origamist)

I also learnt a cute butterfly (variation of 吉澤章 /YOSHIZAWA Akira’s butterfly) and a star kusudama that isn’t in the photos, the batteries for the camera are dead…
In another completely different subject: folding with lots of people is the best! If you like origami and live near some kind of “origami meeting” test it out: it’s great :) weather you are a beginner or a seasoned expert it’s worth a try…
Oh, rest assured I did not forget my promise of origami goodies! I am just being the usual slow poke that I am… Actually a tiny part of the new contents are ready but I plan on sharing when I have a bit more… Next week? Yes, I hope so!


3 Responses to “kusudamas, and more, on the way here! :)”

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