origami magic…

Sometimes I can’t help thinking that origami has some kind of magic… I’m not talking about its origins as a temple art; origami has something that can be felt but never touched.
Yesterday I was taking care of the paperwork for my ID renewal and I was really angry; I didn’t had a special reason to be angry I just was. As I sat while waiting for my turn I started folding things: first a box and then a /crane. When I finished I was happy again… Yes it is as lame as this sounds… :) A kid next to me also liked the crane and the lady that took care of my paperwork also liked the crane and said she was going to keep it as a souvenir :)


One Response to “origami magic…”

  1. Quadradinhos de Papel Says:

    It’s magic for sure! I agree with you. Sometimes when things get bad, there’s always a piece of paper around to fold a bit of happiness.

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