kusudama: cherry blossom ball

After some struggle I proudly present you my new cherry blossom ball! This lovely kusudama is by 布施知子/ FUSE Tomoko. Find it in 折紙探偵団 MAGAZINE 通巻72号 /Origami Tanteidan number 72. Now a little explanation about its’ name: this beauty is called てまり桜; the てまり・手鞠 is a japanese hand ball and the , cherry blossom. This is different from the 桜玉 that is made with , meaning cherry blossom, and , meaning ball; so as you can see even though both mean cherry blossom ball their origin is quite different… As some more (useless) trivia you can see some new year “temari” in this site that is basically about flower arrangements. Or so says the title since I’m feeling too lazy to check it all out. Another “temari” can be found in this Kawasakidaishi wind chime festival post. For the curious: Kawasaki Daishi is a temple; for more english info visit the Kawasaki Daishi english site.

Temari Sakura, both variations

Temari Sakura, the real cherry blossom one :)

As you might have noticed there were two kusudamas: a pink and a peach coloured one. Well I first assembled the pink to find out, after assembly of course!, that I couldn’t find no figure resembling a cherry blossom. I had assembled the kusudama the wrong way. Sometimes I am just so smart… After that I folded and assembled the peach coloured one. Another 30 units! Yay! lol First I must say that assembling in the correct way is so much easier… Second, after the first five units assembled I could clearly see a cherry blossom like arrangement :) Third, this is very sonobe-like in assembling. That’s also why you can arrange the 30 units in two different final kusudamas. Both kusudamas were made with thin (about 70 grams per square meter) double face coloured paper of 9x9cm/ 3.5×3.5″ and both have a final 11cm/ 4.3″ diameter. Regular copy paper is, in my humble opinion, overly stiff to make one of these at least with these paper sizes. Now I want to do a pink or carmine cherry blossom ball. If I find a paper that I like you’ll definitively see it around here! ;) A nice lightweight paper…
Another useful info: you can assemble these without glue! Just have some paper scotch tape ready for assembling aid. Actually I don’t know if this is the real english name; it’s a tape that painters use sometimes when painting that glues easily on every dry surface and leaves absolutely no mark when you take it off. Perhaps it is called painter’s tape? In here the most common one is a beige one but I have seen in it blue too. I use the beige. Just “glue” the assembled units with the tape on the outside. After you tuck in the last unit you can remove the tape to discover a pretty flowery kusudama looking at you.


40 Responses to “kusudama: cherry blossom ball”

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    […] cherry blossom ball (ii) My newest version of てまり桜 by 布施知子 (see this post for more info). I hope this calms the visitors down ;) I’m back on track with this red […]

  2. Says:

    AHA! I saw your second version of this design in red and immediately thought “That’s something right out of Fuse-sensei’s world.” Thanks for sharing what Tanteidan it’s in.

    You fold very well, and very cleanly! Lovely photos.

  3. shirleyorigami Says:

    How/where do you buy Tanteidan convention books..?

  4. Ione Says:

    I loved the both! Do you think you can send me the diagram? I would love to do it!!! Thanks and congratulations!!!

  5. Janis Couey Says:

    Sooo lovely! May I have a copy of the diagrams for making the Cherry Blossom Ball by Tomoko Fuse?

  6. Laura Says:

    Hey! They’re gorgeous! Like Ione, I’m also after the diagram… :)
    Your folding is so neat and precise!
    I call it Masking Tape… :) but I don’t know if it’s only in my corner of the world..

    Happy folding!

  7. Nivi Says:

    Can you send the diagram to me also………….i just loved the peach one…
    Cant wait to fold one for myself.

  8. Sherry Says:

    I love the kusudama. Ive folded the sakuradama but not the cherry blossom one. Can you send me the diagram too please ^^;

  9. Ashley Says:

    I’ve been looking for a diagram for these for YEARS! please if you would send me the diagram id be so very greatful!

  10. vien Says:

    woaa so pretty,, i have tomoko fuse’s book but cudnt find this kusudama’s diagram on it>.< would u mind share the diagram with me? it’d be a nice gift for my cousin’s wedding in next january ^-^ million of thanks if u want to share the diagram ^^

  11. P Says:

    It’s beautiful. Can yo send me this diagram, please? Because I can’t find this.

  12. L Says:


    I love the kusudama too. Mind to share the diagram with me. I would love to make one too!!!

    Thank you.

  13. Danielle Says:

    Hi, can you please send me a diagram of this. That would be so great, thanksssss

  14. Nancy Says:

    I would love to have the diagram for this. I LOVE IT! Thanks!


  15. Patty Says:

    I love your kusudama as well. If you are sending the diagram for those that ask, I would love it.
    Thank-you so much!

  16. Elena Says:


  17. Robin Says:

    OOH this is beautiful!Please send me the diagram!!

  18. kat Says:

    this looks really pretty. could you send me the diagram please? =)

  19. ana Says:

    Hi, I love it. I´d like to have the diagram, i´m not sure if I can make it but in Spain we don´t use to see cute things like that. thanks

  20. susana Says:

    very beautiful and nicely folded! i’m from portugal. i’m kusudama fan but there is so little information about it in my country.
    would you mind to cheer the diagram?
    thank you*

  21. Chloe Says:

    Hi! I love all your work! They’re so beautiful! The cherry blossoms are my favorite. :) can you send me the diagrams please? I would love to make one! Thanks!

  22. Diane Says:

    I am in love…. Do you mind sending me a diagram?

  23. Luke Says:

    Great work with this kusudama! The final effect of the cherry blossom is so wonderful!
    I would love to make one cherry blossom… do you mind sending me the diagram?
    Thank you, and success :)

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  25. Victoria Says:

    Can you please send me the diagrams, I would love it so much :]

  26. Charlie Says:

    The beige tape you are talking about is called “masking tape” and it does come in blue. The beige kind is usually less expensive but has a lower quality adhesive that can dry to the surface if left for too long. The blue “painter’s tape” is usually rated by the length of time it can be left with out damaging the surface it is adhered to (24 hours, 48 hours etc) and the price raises with the time it stays removable.

    Also I love the cherry blossom kusudama. How long did it take to make the units? I can usually get moderate sized sonobe units done in couple hours. I was thinking of buying the book if the diagram isn’t available for free and making these for my wedding to hang on the chairs.

  27. Si Ying Says:

    So beautiful!

    Can i have a copy of the diagram please?

  28. Desirée Says:

    Hallo! Wow, this kusudama is soo cute, I love it! Would you please send me the diagram of the cherry blossom ball kusudama?! That would be great, thank you in advance.

  29. liana Says:

    wow! so cute….

    can i hv a copy of the diagram plz?


  30. Selina Says:

    so cool! the peach one looks so pwetty!

    would u be able to send me a copy of the diagram too?

  31. Yoojung Says:

    Amazing! lately I’m so into kusudamas. I bought a book called “花まり”by Tomoko Fuse and there r beautiful kusudamas, but this one just became my favorite! Would u mind sharing the diagram? I really want to try this :)

  32. bleachbum15 Says:

    lovely!! are the diagrams available online or in pdf form? i would love to try folding this! also: masking tape is one type of removable tape, but in art class we call it drafting tape (which is blue). we don’t use masking tape on an art piece if we want to be sure it will come off w/o damaging anything!

  33. James Says:

    Hi there, I’ve been researching some origami designs which my fiancée and I can create as wedding decor. May I ask for a copy of the diagrams to create these wonderful works of art?

  34. Spring Flower Ball /Shunka Temari « paper unlimited Says:

    […] here. They are very beautiful! You can see the Sakuradama on this post and the Temari Sakura on this post and this more recent […]

  35. Shandi Adelmund Says:

    Great article. I was checking continuously this website and I’m amazed! Very useful info specifically the last part :) I care for such information a lot. I was seeking this certain information for a very long time. Thank you and good luck, Shandi Adelmund

  36. washi tape Says:

    washi tape…

    […]kusudama: cherry blossom ball « paper unlimited[…]…

  37. Phuong Says:

    Oh, this is pretty!! I know it must be bother, but could you send a diagram of this to me? And I apologize for my english, it is not my main language.

  38. ravenfeathers101 Says:

    Can I have the diagram? It’s so cute!

  39. Zeril Says:

    Do you have any tips for the assembly of it? I find it hard to assemble them.

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