I’m always surprised when I look at the blog counter… But 20.000 hits? That reaaally surprised me :) Actually right now it’s 20.062 so it’s over 20.000 ehehe good thing they don’t count my own visits to the blog, if they would it’d be something like 30.000 or more… After posting I always check and re-check my posts to look for misspellings, phrases that I cut because I started talking about something else and stuff. I know that this has a preview “thing” and I use it but it’s not enough. :$
Anyway, as the origami lover that I am I plan on giving you, the readers and visitors, a nice origami surprise. It has to wait until next week because I have one really important exam and that comes first. Once again thank you for your visits and wait for the surprise! ;)
I’ll probably post one or two more things before the gift so don’t worry: I’m slow, and I know it, but it will came!


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