animals: butterflies

Along with dragonflies, butterflies are my favourite insects. I believe one day I will be able to admire spiders but for now they just make me shiver. Imagine my suffering being a country girl: lots and lots of spiders for me to scream around… Well at least now I don’t scream: I jump. In silence. The silence part is very important :) It’s still an over reaction but improvement is improvement! And coming back to origami: these butterflies were diagrammed by 川崎敏和 /KAWASAKI Toshikazu. They can be found in 折り紙夢WORLD花と動物編 /Origami Dream World, Flowers and Animals volume.

Kawasaki butterflies

another Kawasaki butterfly

These butterflies are made with 1×2 ratio paper, or simply put: half of a square. *origami purists tremble with horror… Ehehe* It’s very easy to do. Actually I have much more done, you’ll see some more after this text. The brownish one was made from 9x18cm / 3.5×7″ rectangle of wrapping paper and ended up with 9x10x1cm /3.5x4x0.5″; the flowery one changed from a 7.5x15cm /3×6″ to a 7x8x0.8cm /2.8×3.1×0.3″ and was made from double faced origami paper (blue on one side, flower prints on the other). Finally the smaller and pinkish butterfly was made from stiff semi-transparent paper of 3x6cm /” that resulted in a 3.2×2.8×0.3 cm /1.3×1.1×0.1″ butterfly.

more Kawasaki butterflies!

three butterflies on “detal”

Here are some of the other butterflies… They are smaller than the blue one with flowers and a little bigger than the pink one as you can see. And another post went by. I am also approaching fast the point of having no more origami done to show to you… I have stuff for another post, maybe two more and then I’ll just have to improvise (this is the part where you feel shivers down your back and tremble in fear). Thankfully my kind-of-vacation-like-time is almost here too and, of course!, I have lots of things to fold: another sakuradama, two dogs, a fox, a cat, wait two cats and at least two kusudamas and a box :)


13 Responses to “animals: butterflies”

  1. Tatl Says:

    Very nice origamis. Do you happen to have the folding instructions for this particular origami?

  2. beverly Says:

    hi, i love the butterflies you made! :) would you be so kind as to share on how to do it please? thank you!

  3. Jasmin Says:

    can you give me the steps from oder so i can make them for a wedding

  4. Arlene Says:

    this is very nice i love butterflies; i would like to noe if you have the instructions on hoe to make them

  5. danushka fernando Says:

    this is very very nice. can you give me steps. i like ties.thanks

  6. monserrat Says:

    this is very nice i love butterflies; i would like to noe if you have the instructions on hoe to make them

  7. eva Says:

    this is very very nice. can you give me steps. i like ties.thanks

  8. :D Says:

    can i have the steps to follow please please please?

  9. Denise Says:

    This post is so old… I don’t know if I will be lucky to get a response, but I’d LOVE to get a diagram of this cute butterfly… please?
    Thank you SO much!

  10. maya hirai Says:

    Hello everybody…! lets try this site.. nice to meet u from Indonesia!

  11. maya hirai Says:

    ops?? www[dot]youtube[dot]com/watch#!v=O6dSOKj3PRY&feature=related

  12. Paper Kawaii Says:

    You can download the diagram on my website:

    You can also request diagrams on my website!

  13. Jim Says:

    artikel menarik , Afra

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