kusudama: new floral kusudama

This a cute kusudama that has two versions:one is simpler and the other quite resembles a flower or something flowery, you get the idea :)
This kusudama is sold in a kit; I have no idea where to find a published book with it. Once again the name is 新フローラくす玉 or new floral kusudama and the author is 上田暁美/ UEDA Akemi.

new floral kusudama, Akemi UEDA

new floral kusudama, Akemi UEDA

This kusudama is only doable with glue. Assembly is like a sonobe, a 30 unit sonobe. This is my recently folded kusudama and I think it is very cute. Assembly is better with double sided chiyogami or any kind of paper that has different patterns/ colours/ prints on each face. Since I had a bit of space and some paper I also added a small cube… The cube was assembled with 6 units. All units were made with 5x5cm (2×2″) paper; the kusudama ends with 9cm/ 3.5″ diameter. I better add that this kusudama is also known in some places and by some people as Spring kusudama (Hello Brazil! ehehe).


7 Responses to “kusudama: new floral kusudama”

  1. kusudama: new floral kusudama (ii) « Says:

    […] isn’t much to say about this kusudama that I haven’t mentioned previously except that I recently knew there’s a variation of it. Hunting season has opened again: […]

  2. Christina Says:

    How do u make this origami.

  3. Zoe Says:

    The first one has instructions online here:
    looks like a 30 piece one. I love the tassels – i assume you hang them up?

    & The second one – wow :) it looks great! I would love to make one of them.

  4. Gabriela Says:

    Zoe, the second kusudama is the same as the first one – just with the flaps open… :-)

  5. Gabriela Says:

    this is the right link to the diagram (Spring Blossom Kusudama)

  6. Miriel Mirima Says:

    Beautiful :-)

  7. Lucas Guesser Says:

    Yes, the last one is known here in Brazil as Spring. I love it!

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