kusudama: sakuradama

Another model by Toshikazu KAWASAKI and quite famous: the sakuradama or cherry blossom ball. The pink one has been made around November or perhaps early to mid December… The smaller one has been “recently” assembled but the units were cut and fold way before: around March or April or even earlier!

) diagram of Toshikazu KAWASAKI

) diagram of Toshikazu KAWASAKI

The pink was made with pearlescent paper from the sakuradama kit (5.4×9 cm/ 2.1×3.5″) and the “golden” one from wrapping paper of 5×7.5 cm (2×3″). I have followed the kit diagram however you may find it in 折り紙夢WORLD/ Origami Yume World, in pages 87~89 according to the kit…

) diagram of Toshikazu KAWASAKI

This is last sakuradama I made; and this is the only picture that survived my laptop “crisis”… The stupid thing is that I saved the most important data of my laptop hard drive and then I lost all the data in the pen… Including lots of ready to post images :( anyway this sakuradama is made of white paper of 260g/m2 (or perhaps 300g/m2?) in rectangles of 7×11 cm /2.8×4.3”. The result is quite sturdy. This beauty is now with the new proud owner…

All of them were made without a single drop of glue! The last one I actually re-assembled it with glue cause you can never know what the new owner is going to make with it… But the way I really like to do a kusudama is without gluing :) The 5th unit of the flower is, as a no-glue result, a little hard to join but the overall result is so pretty that it’s worth all the little troubles of assembly. I have recently found two more sakuradamas: one by Tomoko FUSE and other by Miyuki KAWAMURA :) I’m looking forward to folding both! But only after exams! Well, bye bye and untill another post…


9 Responses to “kusudama: sakuradama”

  1. Marta Figueroa Says:

    ficaram lindos :D
    também já experimentei este modelo :)
    e gosto bem mais, por não ser preciso cola…

  2. Isa Says:

    Ah, a maravilha de não ser necessária nenhuma cola :)
    Eu adoro esta kusudama! ehehe Nunca experimentei fazer uma sakuradama com os módulos “simples” por ser necessário colar. E claro, porque agora não tenho tempo…

    Ah, the “no glue is needed” wonder :)
    I love this kusudama! ehehe I have never tried to do a sakuradama with the “simple” units because it needs gluing. Well, that and the fact that I don’t have any free time…

  3. Estivalia Says:

    I love this model! A pity I can’t find the diagrams yet :(

  4. Christina Says:

    DOes any1 tell me how to make this.

  5. Christina Says:

    i really want to learn.

  6. Ana Hernandez Says:

    please post the produre to make the butterfly and the star

  7. Katie Says:

    Just love the Butterfly and the Star … Where can I find the diagrams to make them?

  8. Chloe Says:

    This is really pretty :) where do can I find the diagrams? Thanks! Keep up the great work!

  9. Spring Flower Ball /Shunka Temari « paper unlimited Says:

    […] photograph them and post them here. They are very beautiful! You can see the Sakuradama on this post and the Temari Sakura on this post and this more recent […]

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