an excuse!

Japan day in Portugal is on the 18th of July. There were some activities patronized by the Japanese Embassy: origami workshop, sendo workshop, dressing an yukata, traditional japanese games, videos about Japan and a mini exhibit about the japanese months and some, three, temples. Of course I went! And bye bye my fair kusudama! I used up my available time to fold you this week :(

me almost completely dressed on a yukata…

Here I am while two very nice japanese ladies were stuffing the pink yukata around me! This was after the origami workshop and before the sendo (calligraphy) workshop. A fun day! ;)
On another note: while 99,9% of you won’t know before I say it, my hair has suffered a major cut: from ~25 cm long to ~5 cm long ehehe… (more or less from ~9.8″ to ~2″)


One Response to “an excuse!”

  1. shirleyorigami Says:

    If I ever go to Portugal, are there a lot of Japanese activities on 18th of July? I’ve never been to Portugal, but this would be an extra reason to go :).

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