on hold: yuri no bouquet

A «I’m-still-alive-but-oh-so-tired» post. And it’s true… Anyway for the ones that still visit despite the few (if any) news I hope to have something folded soon: Monday or Tuesday! I have to fold something! I’m getting withdrawal symptoms, OK, not yet, but they are coming! I can feel it! So before that happens, I will fold :)


This one is on hold: a ゆりのブーケ or lily bouquet. Diagram by FUSE Tomoko. It’s a thread kusudama meaning that each “final unit” will be threaded to another one and they all get together in the end. Not making any sense? Just see the units in the photo and wait for better days to come my way! Until then please send positive thoughts towards me… They are never too much! See you next week ;)


2 Responses to “on hold: yuri no bouquet”

  1. Quadradinhos de Papel Says:

    I made one. It’s my favourite, really beautifull! Congratulations on your wonderful origami work.

  2. adriana Says:

    is it an “ordinary” lily with the other part inside? i love it and wanted to do some

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