flowers: modular flowers (part i)

Here they are: more cherry blossoms! :) These are by 山口真 or やまぐち真 /YAMAGUCHI Makoto. Actually, this diagram is part of 3 type of modular/ unit flowers: a さくら /cherry blossom with 5 petals, a クレマチス /leather flower with 6 petals and a マーガレット /marguerite with 8 petals.

sakura/ cherry blossom

I have only made the cherry blossom so that’s the only modular flower for now… The diagram for these flowers is on 折紙探偵団 MAGAZINE 通巻96号 /Origami Tanteidan Magazine number 96.
An advice: small flowers need small and thin paper! For example the yellow cherry blossom (quite an odd colour for a cherry blossom, yes… :P) was made with 7×7 cm (2.8×2.8″) copy paper; the smaller ones were made with 5×5 cm (2×2″) in origami paper and with copy paper once more. As for me, the prettier flower is the one with the livelier pink (in origami paper).


25 Responses to “flowers: modular flowers (part i)”

  1. Christine Says:

    Where could I find the diagram to make this flower?

  2. Isa Says:

    As I referred you may find them in Origami Tanteidan Magazine 96; I don’t know where you can find it other than this magazine… If you’re interested in the magazine check (the Origami Tanteidan page). It’s quite easy to order the magazines: you just send a mail, wait for the response and send the ipmo… They’re are fast to respond except when the Annual Convention is near…

  3. Van Says:

    Hi, did u used japanese origami paper for yours works ? If yes, dit u buy its on internet, can u tell addresse of this site (who sell origami papers) ? Thanks

    Love yours flowers very much !

  4. Isa Says:

    The site I use to buy origami paper is miyabi; the original site is in german: it’s fast and quite cheap for european buyers…

    And yes, I use origami paper for some of my works but I mostly use coloured copy paper since it’s easier, and cheaper, to find.

  5. Thea Says:

    I am really impressed with these cherry blossoms (as I am with all your works). These are the best that I have seen in searching the web. I am in a big time crunch if I want to make these. I visited the site that you state we could get the magazine from but it shows it could take several weeks. Also, they do not sell issues seperately. Is there any way that this could be posted as part of your diagrams?

  6. huong Says:

    wow, that looks lovely, so you have the page scanned anywhere? I would love to try to make this ^^

  7. Isa Says:

    I have the real thing, the magazine… I’m still wondering if I shall display the diagram… After all this is copy righted… If I do, you’ll see it soon… Perhaps I’ll display this diagram as an eye candy for Makoto YAMAGUCHI’s book :)

  8. Monique Says:

    This is the most gorgeous cherry blossom origami I have ever seen (and believe me, I have spent a lot of time looking for really great cherry blossom origami, with no luck!).

    Here’s another hopeful, wishing that you will post this diagram. ;)

    But anyway, I adore your blog — it’s so inspiring. I actually had no idea that origami could get so complicated and mind-bogglingly complex until I stumbled across this place!

  9. Roswitha Says:

    Hi! I´m desperately seeking for a beautyful Sakura origami pattern – and I love yours! Please post tjis diagram or maybe you can share it with me by email. Thanks, Roswitha

  10. sahnumma Says:

    i really like the modular cherry blossom that was featured in the tanteidan magazine number 96. could you possiibly make it available to for viewing online ? It would be nice. thanks!

  11. Tonje Says:


    I love this cherry blossom. Can you please send me the diagram that was featured in the tanteidan magazine number 96?

    Thank you!

  12. Jelena Says:

    Wonderful! They look so simple and so beautiful. I had the idea of decorating my room with some branches with origami flowers on them, these would be very nice. Could you please send me the diagram from the Tanteidan Magazine?
    Thank you!

  13. Annette @ dozen roses Says:

    I’ve been looking for the WWW for my research on this topic. I’m so glad what you shared brings a new attribute to the data I’m compiling. I really appreciate the way which you look at this field, it provide me a unusual means of looking at it now. Thanks for the share.

  14. Nanna Says:

    This is really beautiful. is it possible for you to send the diagram form tenteidan magazine to me? I have tried hard to find some pretty cherry blossoms and this is amazing!
    Thank you :D

  15. animeotaku Says:

    it’s really pretty, and i would like you learn how to make them, can you scan the magazine and send it to me as an attachment? if you do , you are very kind- and talented!!

  16. Chris Says:

    hello, could i please have a scan of diagram for this origami? as someone previously stated earlier, it is not possible to order this issue through the site as it is quite old. so i would be quite grateful if you send me the diagram. thanks in advance :D

  17. Nancy Says:

    hey those cherry blossom look awesome.. i know uve probably heard it a thousand times but could u send me the diagram aswell? would really appreciate it if possible :)

  18. Alice Says:

    hi ^-^ like a lot of people in here requested, can you please send me the diagram as well if possible? i would appreciate it a lot ^-^

  19. paper kawaii Says:

    This is beautiful, I wish I could see the diagram for this.

    I have something similar.. I scanned it from a book.


  20. April Says:

    I found a download of Origami Tanteidan Magazine 96. The modular flowers in the picture above are pictures 006.jpg, 007.jpg, and 008.jpg in the .rar

    Happy folding, enjoy!

  21. Paper Kawaii Says:

    Thank you SO much April!!!

  22. April Says:

    for the love of all that is good in this world, please do a video tutorial of it over on your website. i’m a newbie :( and i can’t read japanese.

  23. Rare Cherry Blossom Diagram Download | Paper Kawaii Says:

    […] the other cherry blossom origami I have found.  The others look pretty too.Here is an image from Paper Unlimited, which is folded from this diagram.Download Cherry Blossom & Variations JPEG 1Download Cherry […]

  24. essays Says:


    […]flowers: modular flowers (part i) « paper unlimited[…]…

  25. michigan flowers Says:

    michigan flowers…

    […]flowers: modular flowers (part i) « paper unlimited[…]…

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