another origami gift :)

A friend game me some thread so I gave him a bloom kusudama, 4 petals version, with a tassel made from those same threads. The kusudama was made with a kind of sketch paper with some glitter for making origami. Ok, I use that kind of paper (with no glitter, of course) for sketches and technical architectural drawings and right now I really don’t remember the english name… In here it is often referred as architect or engineer’s paper.
I really like this kusudama and so does the new owner :) And yes, the tassel is long! ehehe

bloom 4 petals with tassel

Here they are, another two tassels! I have made 10 or 11 since they are so easy to do and fun to play with… I’m like a little kid when it comes to these things… *blush*

another two tassels…

3 Responses to “another origami gift :)”

  1. RLWemm Says:

    Sketch paper= vellum. Or maybe it is glassine.

  2. Rigo Says:

    I like your origami work.
    Do you have instructions for make your tassels?
    These tassels are a bit different from others i been found.

  3. Lorena Says:

    Hello, i loved it. I love your creations.
    Do you have instructions to do it? Could you share it with me?
    Thenaks a lot =D

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