flowers: sakura net (sakura/ cherry blossom ii variation)

The title says it all: a variation from the sakura/ cherry blossom model. In this one you replace one or more or the petals with a double petal and start linking flowers :) and I must state that it is quite addictive… First I folded some petals and then a few double petals; when I started assembling I just had to fold some more! As you keep adding flowers it gets more and more beautiful!

sakura/ cherry blossons net

Once more the diagrams are by 川崎敏和 /KAWASAKI Toshikazu and may be found in 折り紙夢WORLD, 花と動物編 /Origami Yume World, Hana to Doubutsu hen, aka Origami Dream World, Flowers and Animals Volume.
The simple petals are from 4×4 cm (1.6×1.6″) paper and the double petals from 4×8 cm (1.6×3.2″) paper. Once more simple pastel coloured copy paper. Ah… So cute…
By the way if you look closely there is a little mistake in the assemblage; there is a little trick to assemble the net without making the flowers “twist” by being above one another and of course I only noticed that after all the flowers were joined together. Next time I must be more attentive. I am also sorry for the photo, it’s quite bad…


5 Responses to “flowers: sakura net (sakura/ cherry blossom ii variation)”

  1. bruise_pristine_serene Says:

    Gosto muito do teu blog.
    Gostaria de saber onde arranjaste esse livro, se for possivel.


  2. bruise_pristine_serene Says:

    ah e já agora onde arranjaste o “floral globe” Tomoko Fuse. Ambos são titulos que me interessam. :)

  3. liquid06 Says:

    How cute!

  4. Anonymous Says:
  5. Ulrike Sochor Says:

    Your place is valueble for me. Thanks!…

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