I’m soooo sorry!

I am truly sorry for the lack of new contents in the blog in the last days, or better 2 months or so. I have been, and still am and will be for a while, in the busiest part of my school year: it’s been work, work, work and almost no fun at all :/ The worst part of it? Now come exams and I reaaaaally have to pass them so until September I will post on a random basis with a few origami that I made in order not to go insane!
However I also have good news. A friend asked me to do 3 kusudamas! One for her and two for her to offer :) I am happy and I believe than until it is finished TV time will be, even more, drastically cut of. My thank you very much to those who lead the investigation and made possible the wonder called radio! :)


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